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I wanted to create a site that would help others find the perfect bike for their individual requirements. I wanted people to have the ability to find the best bike available on any budget.

This turned out to be a much bigger task than I first thought. Luckily I am a bit of a bike enthusiast and live near plenty of bike shops. Over the forceable future I plan to put up high quality bike reviews. These reviews will be about all types of bikes from Road Bikes to Mountain Bikes. My Hope is to create a meeting place for cyclists and potential cyclists to interact and share ideas, opinions and eventually buy a bike to their liking. Every single bike on this site will be rated on various criteria such as functionality, design, warranty, extras and durability. I aim to provide a detailed and diverse range of reviews on budget bikes all the way through to top quality bikes.

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You will find plenty of information on road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes and lots of others. Also check out our related content such as ‘How To’s & Guides’ or ‘The Latest Bike News’. These locations are packed will new, relevant content that will help you in your decision to buy a new bike. The answer to the question ‘What is the best bike for me’ isn’t always simple but with some help from the reviews on this site maybe we can help simplify it a little. Whether you’re looking for a budget road bike, the best bmx bike or a great value mountain bike, here at Best Bike Guide we can help point you in the right direction. Don’t forget you can do your bit by sharing this site with anyone else who could benefit from it.



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