337 IROK+ Mini Rocker BMX
Body: (4.7)
Brakes: (0)
Tyres: (4.6)
Ride: (4.3)
Overall Rating: (4.6)


The Rocker 337 IROK+ is a great example of the Rocker BMX series. It’s designed to take a beating and come out the other end still intact. This bike is adult proof and features many quality components built for high adrenaline fun. This bike is sold for off-road use. It is specifically designed for off-road racing.


This Rocker BMX comes in a dual coloured style, pairing blue with silver. It has a solid, bulky steel frame however is quite light weight, weighing in at only 9.5 kilograms. It’s the standard size of the Rocker BMX series. The 337 IROK+ seat is a navy blue colour and is adjustable for optimal comfort. The blue and silver paint is metallic and looks absolutely great. The wheels are primarily metallic silver however have an outer ring of metallic blue to complement the bikes style.


Brakes is an easy topic to cover with the Rocker 337 IROK+ Mini BMX because it has none. This is sold as an off road bike and is not to be used on any public roads or highways.


The Rocker 337 IROK+ Mini BMX comes with new Street Pro Style Tyres. These tyres are an upgrade on the standard tyres usually seen on Rocker BMX bikes. Usually the Rocker’s with colourful tyres are the Street Pro Style Tyres however on this model they offer them in black.


The Rocker 337 IROK+ BMX Bike comes in on the money when it comes to ride comfort. It effortlessly glides over smooth surfaces and the seat is very comfortable when adjusted correctly. Although not the sort of bike you’ll be spending lots of time on, when you choose to sit down you’ll find it pleasantly comfortable. The chunky tyres offer some protection to surface bumps and the bike is exceptionally adapted to allow the rider to jump around and get stuck into BMX tricks and flips.


One of the nicest Rocker Mini BMX series. It’s metallic paint really gives an air of quality about this design. It combines colour and class to give the rider a bike with personality but not necessarily that ‘look at me’ persona some of the other designs can offer.

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