BEIOU Toray Mountain Bike Review
Body: (4.7)
Brakes: (4.4)
Tyres: (4.3)
Ride: (4.4)
Overall Rating: (4.5)

The Beiou Toray mountain bike is a great looking bike that has a number of outstanding reviews online. I can understand why it’s so well received due to its combination of great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike comes in a variety of colours ranging from red and black through to white. My personal favourite is the latter, the white Beiou Toray mountain bike is very impressive. It’s simplicity matched with the chunky frame reminds me of BMX bikes, all it needs to complete the look would be some pegs on either wheel. As mentioned before, the frame is quite chunky without looking out of place, the white background colour is broken up by black decals of the brand name ‘Beiou’. The frame is made of light and very strong carbon fibre. The seat post and handlebars are also carbon fibre which means the bike weighs very little.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike has a front suspension fork to help lessen the blow of any bumps the rider would otherwise feel the full impact of. The saddle is a sleek design with a white streak to break up the plain black design. The seat post is adjustable so the bike will suit most riders. The handlebars are also adjustable and lend access to the Shimano Altus 370 gear shifters as well as the brake pedals. Both are easy to use and offer smooth yet effective control of the bikes speed.

The brakes on the Beiou Toray mountain bike are disc brakes, mechanical wire G3 disc brakes to be precise. They are very reliable and responsive, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with them, that being said it’s always advised to get a new bike checked out by a trained professional, safety first readers.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike’s wheel size is 26″, the bikes rims are Ruituo aluminium alloy and have several intricate patterns on them. These patterns are enhanced by the fact that the rim and tyre on both wheels are black. The tyres are Chaoyang 26″ with a light tread, I wouldn’t imagine this bike is superb off road in heavy terrain but the benefit of a light tread is that you’ll be fine to ride this on the road as a substantial amount of the tread will be gripping the road.

Overall this bike looks great, not because of some fancy frame or vivid colour scheme. It’s difficult to put my finger on it but I think the combination of a nice white bike with a simple design is quite appealing when the market is full of ‘try hard’ designs.

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