Body: (4.5)
Brakes: (4.6)
Tires: (4.2)
Ride: (4.4)
Overall Rating: (4.4)


The Extrbici XC700 road bike is a very impressive looking machine. It well and truly fits the description of racing bike.


The Extrbici XC700 road bike has a lightweight aluminium alloy frame. The road bikes fork is also aluminium ally as well as the bikes pedals. Everything on this bike is designed to be light and help the bike be fast and agile. The bike weighs in at 15kgs so is pretty much average when it comes to road bike weight. The Extrbici XC700 is available in an array of impressive colors, none more impressive than the racing red we’ve provided in the photo. The frame, fork and professional road saddle are all in red as well as the wheel frame. The handlebar is black, this matches the saddle post, chain and pedals. Black and red is a great colour combination as as mentioned earlier this bike is available in other color themes if black and red isn’t your thing. The gear mechanism on the Extrbici XC700 road bike is a 14 speed adjustable Shimano. This links up with a Shimano 2400 shifting system for smooth and accurate transitions between gears. The red wheels are 700c x 70mm, 54cm 6061 aluminium ally strong wheels that give a light, smooth ride.


The brakes on the Extrbici XC700 road bike are German cable mechanical disc brake. These are really impressive and give you much more confidence in your braking abilities at fast speeds. These brakes are super responsive without being excessively sensitive.


The Extrbici XC700 Road Bike is equipped with Kinda professional road bike tires. These tires are very thin to allow the rider to cut through the air easily. They seem to be quite hard so shouldn’t cause much drag when gripping the road and without excessive use should last a long time.


This bike offers a comfortable seating position, the saddle is very comfortable and is easily adjusted for riders who are taller or shorter than the average person. No suspension on the road bike doesn’t help to deal with the bumps on the road but this is a standard design for road bikes so cannot be too critical. Overall a great riding position so on the flats and smooth surfaces riding this bike will be a breeze.


This bike means business, it’s smooth to rider, can go very fast and brakes perfectly. With a larger than life red finish the Extrbici XC700 looks the part as well as feels it.

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