Rocker 3+ HANNIBAL Mini BMX
Body: (4.1)
Brakes: (0)
Tyres: (4.6)
Ride: (4.7)
Overall Rating: (4.4)


The Rocker 3 series is claimed to be by far the BEST Rocker series yet. Big airs are not only easily achievable, you will struggle in keeping it down so hold tight, this is not a beginner Rocker series.


The Rocker 3+ HANNIBAL Mini BMX is a great example of the Rocker 3+ Series. It comes in white with chrome handle bars and chain ring. The Mini BMX has black standard hand grips and comes with a black adjustable saddle for optimal comfort while riding. The bike has a hi tensile lightweight frame and has white wheels to match the main frame.


As with all Rockers this bike has no brakes! It is sold for off-road use only. It is specifically designed for off-road racing on enclosed tracks on private property. It is NOT to be used on the highway or sidewalk.


The Rocker 3+ HANNIBAL Mini BMX comes with high performance aftermarket Rocker Street Pro Tyres. These allow up to 80 psi (according to Rocker BMX themselves) and will offer the rider a better experience in terms of grip, traction and ride comfort. The tyres are primarily white however have black tyre walls to compliment the few black components elsewhere on the bike.


These bikes ride really well. Very straight with virtually zero wheel wobble even at very high speeds. This bike is designed for trick and can deliver everything that a full custom 20* BMX can deliver.


This bike is as good as Mini BMX’s get. It’s design in second to none. In terms of this specific model it offers a very neutral options when it comes to Rocker Mini BMX’s and is a welcome alternative to some of the more colourful models.

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