Rocker 3+ VADER Mini BMX
Body: (4.6)
Brakes: (0)
Tyres: (4.6)
Ride: (4.7)
Overall Rating: (4.6)


The Rocker 3+ VADER Mini BMX is an interesting example of the Rocker 3+ Series. The Rocker 3 series is claimed to be by far the BEST Rocker series yet. Big airs are not only easily achievable, you will struggle in keeping it down so hold tight, this is not a beginner Rocker series.


The main frame is chunky and solid which lends to the idea this bike is built to take a beating. The frame is completely black apart from some stickers on the front and two main beams of the frame. The saddle that comes with this model is a standard black colour and is adjustable for optimal comfort. Matching the frame and saddle in black are the standard Rocker BMX pedals, the forged top loaded stem and soft Kraton hand grips on either side of (you guessed it) black handle bars. The rocker 3+ also comes with Rocker plastic pegs in black allowing the rider to conduct even more tricks with this bike. The main focus of this Mini BMX bikes colour scheme is the bright red chain. The wheels are black to complete the black and red theme of this very impressive ‘Darth Vader’ styled bike.


As with all Rockers this bike has no brakes! It is sold for off-road use only. It is specifically designed for off-road racing on enclosed tracks on private property. It is NOT to be used on the highway or sidewalk.


The Rocker 3+ VADER Mini BMX comes with high performance aftermarket Rocker Street Pro Tyres. These allow up to 80 psi (according to Rocker BMX themselves) and will offer the rider a better experience in terms of grip, traction and ride comfort. These tyres are issued in the black to match the bikes frame and add to the bikes very noticeable ‘Darth Vader’ theme. The tyre walls are black and feature the Rocker BMX ‘PRO’ text to highlight the quality of the tyres. 


These bikes ride really well. Very straight with virtually zero wheel wobble even at very high speeds. This bike is designed for trick and can deliver everything that a full custom 20* BMX can deliver.


This bike is as good as Mini BMX’s get. It’s technical design in second to none. This specific VADER model is a personal favourite and is very well received with previous customers reviews. I think the chain on this bike is what makes the colour scheme work so well. The jet black handle bars is a welcome alternative to the more common chrome versions on most other models.

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