Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike
Body: (4.2)
Brakes: (4.2)
Tires: (3.9)
Ride: (4.2)
Overall Rating: (4.2)


The Tommaso Imola road bike is a great example of Tommaso’s classic look. It’s simplistic, stylish and beautiful all at once.


The Tommaso Imola road bike has a black and white body, the frame of the bike differs in size throughout it’s design. Some beams expand to form a wedge like shape rather than sticking with your traditional single diameter pipe. This adds a sharpness to the bikes design that seems to be quite common with Tommaso bikes. The bike weighs in at 25 lbs which is a nice weight for a mid range road bike. The Tommaso Imola road bike has drop handlebars which help with positioning on the riders hands into an aerodynamic stance. The brakes and shifters are also easily accessible. The Imola comes with alloy wheels however they haven’t had the best of reviews, if you’re serious about riding then be prepared to purchase some better ones in the future. Most who talk about the wheels being the weakest part of this bike have gone on to replace them and say the bike is so much more a ‘finished article’. The bike comes with standard platform pedals however again, some current owners have suggested upgrading these. This is quite a common process for professional or serious bike riders so this is less of a concern than the wheel issue mentioned earlier. The Tommaso Imola road bike comes with a tough yet comfortable saddle, from first impressions alone it seems the saddle will last a long time. The Tommaso brand pride themselves on providing quality components as standard. Thats why the Imola comes with a full Shimano Claris R2000 groupset. This means the gears, crank and shifters are all Shimano. It’s quite common for some bikes to come with a combination of differently branded components, this can lead to performance issues as the components were not necessarily designed to work perfectly together. Going with an entire groupset from Shimano means these components are designed from day one to integrate perfectly with each other.


As mentioned above, the Tommaso Imola road bike comes with a full Shimano Claris R2000 groupset. This means the brakes on this bike are not a third party component and come with the reliability and responsiveness we’ve come to expect from the Shimano brand. The brakes work well when engaged and don’t disengage quickly when the brake paddle is released. Overall the Shimano brakes are very impressive.


The Tires on the Tommaso Imola road bike are slightly larger by design. The 25mm 700x road bike tires are able to provide extra control to the rider when going round corners. The tires have been described as funky however they are more than adequate to match this mid range bikes other components. Tires are usually something that serious riders will address at a later date however rest assured you don’t need to worry about them on day 1.


Being a road bike suspension is not an option, the tires do help nullify some small bumps however anything more than a slightly uneven surface and you may find your ride uncomfortable. This however is a problem faced with most road bikes so it would be unfair to hold the Tommaso Imola accountable for the reality of a modern day road bike. The saddle and handlebars leave this bike being a comfortable machine when on smooth surfaces.


Tommaso bikes are known for their value as they sell direct to their customers so value for money is a huge positive for this bike.

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