Chances are that you have looked with envy at the owners of good road bikes and wondered when you would ever get to own one. Perhaps you are still wondering if you are really capable of owning a really good one. You may not know it but lack of enough knowledge on road bikes is probably the number one reason why you still do not own one.

Actually nobody can blame you for being a little confused because there is such a wide range of so many different types of bikes with all kinds of price tags ad capabilities to be considered.

But first you must determine exactly what you want to use your road bike for because this will be a key guiding factor when making your choice of which road bike to go for. The beauty of this approach is that it will eliminate a lot of the confusion and help you focus on the key elements that you need most on your bike.

Why are you interested in buying a road bike? Do you want to enter competitions? Or perhaps you need it for a training program? Whatever it is, only you can answer that question accurately.

Road bike prices vary from those that cost under $1,000 to the high end ones that will need $15,000 or even more. Price is important because it is a major obstacle for most when it comes to owning a bike. And so it is probably wise for you to get an idea of what kind of features impact on the price.

Various materials are used to make the frame of the bike. Generally lighter frames will have a higher price tag on them. And so the cheaper bikes will tend to have steel frames while aluminum frames will be found on the ones in the next level of prices. The carbon frames will usually cost the most. Still they are a delight just to behold and handle, let alone own. You will immediately notice that they are extremely light. The truth is that they are also very long lasting, definitely well worth their high price.

Then there are those in the top range that are also made out of titanium frames. It is simply unbelievable what these bikes weight-almost nothing. Sadly their prices are equally shocking and so most folks can never afford to own one of these. But why would you need to own one? The fact is that you can easily fulfill your requirements for most applications with a much more affordable road bike.

For instance for speed racing the most important thing will be good handle bars. Handle bars will help you cut down on drag and wind resistance as you race forward because they force you to lean forward whilst your torso has been bent into a ball.

Still, whatever bike you decide to go for even as you cut down on the price you should always pay a lot of attention on the quality of the frame. The frame must be solid because this is really what will impact on the life span of your road bike the most.

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