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Here's My Story

My name is James Mckendrick and I’ve been a lover of bikes since my school days.

I went to college to become an accountant (exciting career choice, right?) until I allowed my passion for cycling to take over. The best decision I ever made was to follow my passion and try and make a living doing what I love.

Thats why I made Best Bike Guide. I review my favourite bikes and have a small team behind me. A team with the same core love of cycling.

I certainly wish these kind of resources were available when I started riding. There was and to some extent still is a lack of information available online for bikes and cycling equipment. Some of the resources out there are worse than having none, as they give people the wrong information.

I thought to myself how can I use my skillset to help others navigate through the endless choices and find the information they’re looking for. From me and the team here, we truly hope you find what you need. Anything I can help with, I’m your guide. Drop us a message via social media or our contact page.

Best Bike Guide

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