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Top 4 Best Electric Bikes (January 2022)

Over the last decade or so, electric bikes have become increasingly popular - and with good reason! While electric bikes have been around for a long time, they're only recently gaining mainstream appeal. Electric bikes are powered by electricity that’s stored in rechargeable batteries. This battery-powered energy is then used to power the motor and to assist with pedaling, which is very useful if you have a long or hilly commute to your workplace. Electric bikes are a great alternative to a car because they’re generally smaller, cheaper to buy, and cheaper to run.

Different Types Of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes range in price from about $1,000 to well over $9,000. However, with the right research, you can find one that fits your budget. The types of bikes that are available vary based on many different factors. Factors like the type of motor you’re looking for, the design of the bicycle, and the riding experience. If you’re looking for a basic bike that's comfortable to ride. A lightweight bike that doesn’t sacrifice durability. As well as a bike that won’t break the bank. Then you might consider an electric bike. Hybrid electric bikes are similar to their regular counterparts in that they have a motor built in. These are great for mountain biking or speed racing because they give the rider more control when going up hills or sprinting at high speeds.

Are Electric Bikes Expensive?

Despite their relative affordability, electric bikes are still quite pricey, and they aren’t for everyone. Although they can come cheap, electric bikes are often heavy and less comfortable to ride. However, if you're considering getting an electric bike to get some exercise in the fresh air. Take the strain off your legs, they can be a great alternative to a car.There are many different types of electric bike, and each one is unique to the rider. Different types cost different prices. We do break these categories down in different articles. Check out some of our related posts listed on this page. The good news is that prices are falling constantly, so you can find a great electric bike for a similar or even lower price to what you would pay for a bike with a motor.

What Is The Range Of An Electric Bike?

When electric bikes first appeared, they could only be bought with a range of between 15 and 35 miles (24-60 km). This wasn't guaranteed and sometimes depended on the model and the battery's power and efficiency. These bikes could only be charged on very specific chargers. Meaning if you ran out of juice away from home, you're pushing the bike back. However, there have been a number of developments over the past few years. Which have meant that a number of different brands now offer bikes with ranges of up to 70 miles (110 km). In the UK, electric bikes are designed to replace cars for local journeys. This means that electric bikes can be seen being ridden on bike lanes and shared spaces. It's worth noting, you need to follow the same rules and regulations that other road users do.

Are Electric Bikes Heavy?

The most common question you’ll receive when you order an electric bike is, "How heavy is it?" The answer to that question depends on the quality of the bike and the amount of energy that powers it. When compared to a normal bike, a premium electric bike can weigh significantly more. Depending on the model and the battery. However, as with any bike, make sure you’re aware of what the extra weight means when it comes to ride quality, efficiency, and durability.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Bikes?

Reduced pollution, efficient use of resources, less car traffic and physical activity. Some of the main advantages of electric bikes. The British government has identified that 60% of London's journeys are short. Electric bikes are a great alternative to public transport. In fact, over 1,000 electric bikes have already been registered in London since 2010, and they're expecting to see more added in the coming months. It's estimated that 200,000 Londoners take short trips by bike, and electric bikes can be used as an efficient and convenient way to commute.

How Long Does A Battery Last On An Electric Bike?

The battery of an electric bike lasts between 12 to 24 hours on a single charge. In general, the bike has a maximum range of 25 to 40 miles. The charge time varies between electric bikes as well. Some models can be charged via a conventional charger. While others need to be plugged in for an hour before they can be used. Generally speaking, electric bikes fall into three types: folding, road and full suspension. Of course, a hybrid electric bike is somewhere in between them all. We've rounded up some of the best electric bikes on the market that meet all of these criteria.

Are Electric Bike Replacement Batteries Expensive?

In contrast to gas-powered bikes, an electric bike doesn't rely on fuel to power the motor. The battery on an electric bike is in fact a rechargeable battery and the bicycle also has a battery, for storage. The electric bike battery takes a lot of power to charge, hence the need for a separate power source. Electric bike replacement batteries vary in price from about $70 up to $400 or so, depending on the quality of the battery. With an electric bike, you will save money by not having to replace the fuel and oil in a gas-powered bike.

How Do You Charge An Electric Bike?

There are several methods you can use to charge your electric bike. The most popular way to charge your electric bike is to plug it into a household electric socket. However, electric bikes are also commonly used to charge at commercial charging stations. These are typically installed in cities. Electric bike shops sometimes stock a selection of commercial charging stations so that you can plug your bike into one of them.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes can usually be charged fully overnight. You can charge a battery pack simply by plugging it into a power socket. Some come with special fast charging devices. Much like mobile phones. Slashing the charging time substantially by using 'fast charge' technology.

Are Electric Bikes Good For Commuting?

Cycling has been proven to be a great way to get around and get the best exercise possible. A recent study, undertaken in France by Aix-Marseille University, suggests that cycling is a better way to commute than driving. As the overall energy used is significantly higher. And for those who aren't fit enough to cycle unassisted. An electric bike could mean the difference between making it to work in one piece, or having a heart attach. With all the latest advances in electric bikes technology and battery technology, getting one is a simple and effective way to reduce the exhaust fumes and noise of our cars. Instead, getting the benefits of the great outdoors.

Tower Beach Bum Electric City Bike Image

Tower Beach Bum Electric City Bike

  • ✔ High Torque 500W Motor - Great For Climbing Hills
  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Only 49Lbs
  • ✔ Large Range Battery Life - Up To 60 Miles
  • ✔ Flat Resistant Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires

This bike has everything going for it. Comfy seat, strong motor, easy to balance, looks classic, name brand tires. It's a relaxing bike ideal for beach days and great for town journeys.

Tower Beach Bum Electric City Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The power of your motor is the next most important component of an eBike. Don't believe the hype that power is all about watts (i.e. a 750w motor is not necessarily more powerful than 500w, or even a 350w motor) or volts (although, all else equal, a 48v system is more powerful than a 36v system... but things aren't always "all else equal"). A lot more goes into it the power equation. The biggest factor, which is rarely discussed, is torque (NM, or Newton meters). Is it hub drive, mid-drive, or front drive motor? Is the motor geared for speed or torque. What most people really want in power is hill climbing ability, and you need to compare bikes side by side on that to get to the truth of that power question.

At Tower, we use a specifically designed high-torque 500w/48v brushless geared rear hub motor. We sacrifice a little high-end speed for exceptional hill climbing high torque. The torque measurement of our motor is an outstanding 65NM (Newton meter). Our eBike will still go 20 mph, which is plenty fast, trust us, but you'll really appreciate the ability to climb any hill you face. In fact, 20 mph is actually a little too fast and we factory set our speed limiter to 18 mph because that's all most people will want to use. You can unlock the full speed if you like, but most won't need or want that.

Battery quality and capacity is the most important component of an electric bike. It's also the most expensive element. A lot of cheaper eBikes try to cut costs on the battery part (with small capacity batteries, or generic cells), but that's very short sighted thinking, as you'll sacrifice both motor power and range from the get go, and long term you're battery performance will quickly diminish. At Tower, we use only the highest quality Samsung 48V / 14Ah lithium ion batteries. The Tower Electric Beach Cruiser will easily carry you 30-60 miles per charge. This isn't an exaggeration like you'll find in marketing fluff elsewhere. That's 30 miles with throttle only for an adult male.

This beach cruising, city loving electric bike is a great choice for those who want to enjoy bike riding on the evening and weekends. We wouldn't categories it has a bike that takes itself to seriously but it is packing some serious components. Those kevlar lined Schwalbe Fat Frank tires are terrific and will hopefully mean that you're less likely to blow a tire if you did end up running over something sharp. Give the Tower Beach Bum a chance. You won't regret it.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Image


  • ✔ Powerful Brakes
  • ✔ Lightweight
  • ✔ Fun To Ride
  • ✖ Long Charging Time

90% Pre-assembled, great attention was paid to each component, ergonomic handbar, adjustable seat and anti-slip wear resistant tire.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Many online electric bike reviews had words of praises for the ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike, with most people emphasizing how comfortable it is. It comes with an adjustable seat that you can customize based on your liking. The handlebar also has an ergonomic design and position, which will prevent you from leaning in front too much.

When you receive the bike, it already comes 90% pre-assembled. Which means that there is no need to deal with a complicated installation before you can finally take it out for a spin. The design and construction of the tire also makes it a good value bike. The fat tires have anti-skid technology, which is great in making sure your highest level of safety when on the road.

The disc brake that comes with the electric bike is equally impressive. It has outrage and mechanical braking systems, providing an assurance that the stopping power of the bike is second to none. It also comes with an innovative 7-gear shifting system from Shimano. This makes it effortless to shift from one gear to another depending on what the riding condition requires. Lastly, the bike comes with a 26-inch alloy frame. Weighing approximately 58 pounds, the bike is relatively lightweight compared to other fat tire bikes on the market, which will make it easy to manoeuvre.

NAKTO Electric Cruiser Bicycle Image

NAKTO Electric Cruiser Bicycle

  • ✔ Highly Affordable
  • ✔ Lightweight
  • ✔ Simple To Get Started
  • ✔ 24/7 Online Support

NAKTO developed this latest style of electric bicycle , whose core concept is green & environmental protection.

NAKTO Electric Cruiser Bicycle - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

This is cheaper compared to most of the bikes that are mentioned in this article, making it a great choice for those who are looking for budget-friendly alternatives. Despite the price, you can be confident that it will deliver impressive functionality.

The performance of this bike is also hard to rival, especially within its price range. The maximum speed is anywhere from 25 to 30 mph, although, this will depend on a variety of conditions like the terrain.

You will also be impressed with its overall construction, making it an excellent choice for the best electric bikes. It has an iron frame and an aluminum alloy hub. It has a 6-speed Shimano rear gear. The 25cm post has a quick release mechanism. There is also a thick cushion, which is effective in absorbing shock and keeping you comfortable throughout your ride.

Another notable feature of this cruiser bike is the fat tire. It is specifically designed to be stable in beach and snow, allowing it to maintain a strong grip on the surface.

For your peace of mind, there are several features to ensure your safety. For instance, there is a 360-degree LED spotlight that illuminates your path when riding at night. The brake motor is also exceptional.

The bike is powered by a 48-volt 12A battery. On average, the battery can last up to 30 miles. Meanwhile, the maximum speed that the motor of the bike supports is 30mph.

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Bike Image

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Bike

  • ✔ The e-bike adopts 100% aluminum alloy frame
  • ✔ Front and rear disc brakes
  • ✔ Lithium Battery & High Speed Motor
  • ✔ 21-speed transmission system.

The ANCHEER Power Plus is an advanced electric mountain bike that offers an astounding amount of versatility.

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The ANCHEER Power Plus is an advanced electrical mountain bike that provides an impressive quantity of convenience, many thanks to an ingenious style and high-end elements and components.

The ANCHEER can absolutely hold its own on off-road riding and tracks, while still supplying exceptional commuting functions as well as health and fitness benefits.

The bike’s frame flaunts a full-suspension layout, while being crafted from light weight aluminum alloy. This provides it a bit of extra shock absorption, while assisting to keep the weight to around 52 pounds. That is quite heavy for a mountain bicycle, however the motor element assists you when needed and will counteract any difficulties you would have.

The suspension system features a SR Suntour XCT front fork with 100mm of travel, and also a coil King Shock back shock standing up the backside. They are both receptive, and quickly absorb big hits from any situations you may find yourself in.

The adjustable seating position is really flexible, it compliments the little more relaxed handlebar as well as stem design, making it very maneuverable on and off the road, as well as comfy when on the sidewalk. This is absolutely a premium mountain bicycle through and through, but Addmotor fine-tuned it a bit to permit casual on-road riding with the motor when required.

Shimano parts comprise the drivetrain, which comes complete with 7 gears. The shifter and the twist-n-go motor throttle are aligned next to each other on the grip for much better comfort when utilizing both as the very same time.

The ANCHEER Power Plus’s dual alloy disc brakes are made by TEKTRO, which are entirely efficient in managing top class stopping power in any type of situation, without feeling soft or extremely sensitive.

The bike’s wheels takes a slightly larger size than the common 26-inch wheels you still see a lot, going with a 27.5-inch dimension rather. This gives the bike a lot more clearance, as well as allows for a greater top speed.

Resilient Kenda tires and alloy rims form a tremendous mix that offers the ANCHEER a hostile feeling with an adequate amount of grip on off-road surface areas.

The bike’s electric motor is the hidden gem of this electric road bike. The 250 watts brushless rear hub motor runs off of 47 volts, providing as much as 25 mph of pace when using the throttle alone. There are six various setting for pedal support, assisting you adjust for any particular circumstance. The lithium battery makes sure about 60 miles on one battery cycle.

The ANCHEER Power Plus is whatever you want in an electric mtb. It’s rugged, challenging, and responsive, while still allowing for plenty of leeway in regards to pedal aid, with a full-throttle setting for the times you just want to glide. This can change your trail riding. They deserves every dime they are charging for this magnificent electric bike.

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