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Best Electric Bikes: Top 6 Value E-Bikes In 2019

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Updated - July 9, 2019

Best Electric Bikes – Overview

Best Electric Bikes – Introduction

Electric bikes (also known as e bikes) are perfect for long-distance riding, or when you simply do not seem like providing your complete effort. What differentiates them from electric motorbikes is the capacity for the motorcyclist to pedal the bike at will, so if you’re riding along and suddenly your battery fails, you’re not going to have to wait for roadside assistance. The best electric bikes are usually very expensive bikes, yet some models can be much more affordable than you could think, particularly when you treat them as a form of transport in contrast to thinking about the price in regards to standard leisure bicycles.

We have collected the best electric bikes of 2019 to give you a great starting point in your mission to find your next or possibly first electric bike.


Bike Riders Riding The Best Electric Bikes

Best Electric Bikes: Top 6 Value E-Bikes In 2019
  • ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Bike - The ANCHEER Power Plus is an advanced electric mountain bike that offers an astounding amount of versatility.
  • ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike - The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike can pretty much do everything.
  • GUNAI Folding Electric Snow Electric Bike - This is a very solid fat bike that uses a motor to really push it to another level, literally and figuratively.
  • Magnum UI5 Electric Bike - A commuting machine that provides endless versatility.
  • X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Electric Bike - Attractive design, a multi gear drivetrain, extra features, and multiple color options all help the Malibu to be a superior bike.
  • Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike - A fat bike that conquers almost anything in its path.


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The ANCHEER Power Plus

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Bike

  • ✔ The e-bike adopts 100% aluminum alloy frame.
  • ✔ Front and rear disc brakes.
  • ✔ Lithium Battery & High Speed Motor.
  • ✔ 21-speed transmission system.
The ANCHEER Power Plus is an advanced electric mountain bike that offers an astounding amount of versatility.

The ANCHEER Power Plus is an advanced electrical mountain bike that provides an impressive quantity of convenience, many thanks to an ingenious style and high-end elements and components.

The ANCHEER can absolutely hold its own on off-road riding and tracks, while still supplying exceptional commuting functions as well as health and fitness benefits.

The bike’s frame flaunts a full-suspension layout, while being crafted from light weight aluminum alloy. This provides it a bit of extra shock absorption, while assisting to keep the weight to around 52 pounds. That is quite heavy for a mountain bicycle, however the motor element assists you when needed and will counteract any difficulties you would have.

The suspension system features a SR Suntour XCT front fork with 100mm of travel, and also a coil King Shock back shock standing up the backside. They are both receptive, and quickly absorb big hits from any situations you may find yourself in.

The adjustable seating position is really flexible, it compliments the little more relaxed handlebar as well as stem design, making it very maneuverable on and off the road, as well as comfy when on the sidewalk. This is absolutely a premium mountain bicycle through and through, but Addmotor fine-tuned it a bit to permit casual on-road riding with the motor when required.

Shimano parts comprise the drivetrain, which comes complete with 7 gears. The shifter and the twist-n-go motor throttle are aligned next to each other on the grip for much better comfort when utilizing both as the very same time.

The ANCHEER Power Plus’s dual alloy disc brakes are made by TEKTRO, which are entirely efficient in managing top class stopping power in any type of situation, without feeling soft or extremely sensitive.

The bike’s wheels takes a slightly larger size than the common 26-inch wheels you still see a lot, going with a 27.5-inch dimension rather. This gives the bike a lot more clearance, as well as allows for a greater top speed.

Resilient Kenda tires and alloy rims form a tremendous mix that offers the ANCHEER a hostile feeling with an adequate amount of grip on off-road surface areas.

The bike’s electric motor is the hidden gem of this electric road bike. The 250 watts brushless rear hub motor runs off of 47 volts, providing as much as 25 mph of pace when using the throttle alone. There are six various setting for pedal support, assisting you adjust for any particular circumstance. The lithium battery makes sure about 60 miles on one battery cycle.

The ANCHEER Power Plus is whatever you want in an electric mtb. It’s rugged, challenging, and responsive, while still allowing for plenty of leeway in regards to pedal aid, with a full-throttle setting for the times you just want to glide. This can change your trail riding. They deserves every dime they are charging for this magnificent electric bike.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Ultra-lightweight yet strong aluminum.
  • ✔ 26 inch magnesium alloy integrated wheels.
  • ✔ Anti-slip resistant thick tire.
  • ✔ LED 3-speed smart meter button.
The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike can pretty much do everything.

The Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain bicycle can practically do whatever you need from it. It tackles tracks effortlessly, folds down to a small, mobile size, and is completely capable of cruising along on its own. It’s difficult to consider what else you can ask of a bike.

The look of this bike captures a lot of glances on and off the tracks. Although it’s a folding bike, it still has a full-suspension framework, and rugged features to accompany its tank-like appearance.

The bike’s frame is crafted from aluminum alloy, as well as uses a single-tube layout to enable easy folding, and to cut down the weight to about 60 pounds.

Front and back shocks supply a lot of flexibility to soak up any kind of bumps on the road or trail. An easy lock on the folding mechanism allows for a full breakdown in a matter of seconds.

A supported and also easily-adjusted seat puts the cyclist in a very aggressive mountain bicycle stance, which is matched by a handlebar layout that avoids that mini-bike feel some other folding bikes produce.

The drivetrain is another good element to this bike. 21 gears and an electric motor on a folding bike? Absolutely! Shinano components make up the whole system, giving the bike a selection of settings to increase your riding atmosphere and enjoyment.

Alloy disc brakes assist with slowing the bike down to a standstill, these are combined with magnesium alloy rims and 26-inch tires with a hybrid-like tread pattern.

The bike’s 250W rear hub electric motor consists of 3 various pedal assist speeds, linked with a throttle that can let the bike do the pedalling for you. This aids on flatter sections and really does make the bike great for city commuting also.

The bike can get to 17 mph when using the throttle, enabled by a 36V lithium battery that can power the bike for 15 miles by itself, and 31 miles with pedal-assist. They even included a headlight and also kickstand to cover it all off.

GUNAI Folding Electric Snow Bike

GUNAI Folding Electric Snow Electric Bike

  • ✔ 1000W high speed brushless motor.
  • ✔ Superbly thickened wear-resistant rubber.
  • ✔ High capacity removable battery.
  • ✔ Shimano TX50: Bicycle shifter with 21 speeds.
This is a very solid fat bike that uses a motor to really push it to another level, literally and figuratively.

This design is fairly common for a fat bike, but it looks wonderful. The black shade is sleek, looks very clean, and also has sufficient detailing to give it a personal edge. The framework is made from light weight aluminum, equates to the frame weighing approximately 54 pounds.

The motor and battery setup are integrated in such a way that does not attract too much interest, but the bike doesn’t try to hide the fact it’s an electrical variation either.

The GUNAI’s saddle has a bmx cruiser look and feel to it, so if you are a fan of luxurious cruiser seats, you’re in good luck. We don’t understand why more bike suppliers don’t do this. It even has the supporting spring system underneath the seat.

Combine this with an raised, curved handlebar and stem setup, you have an aggressive fat bike that really feels chilled and comfortable as you make your way over tough terrain. When the motor kicks in, it’s a first class riding experience.

This bike utilizes Shimano components for a 7-speed drivetrain. The changing between gears is exact, responsive and smooth. The gear ratio is spread out sufficient to cover all the arrays you ‘d require on a bike like this.

The disc brakes come as no surprise, as that need to be the standard with the larger wheels and tires of a fat bike. Still, the brake mechanism is smooth and easy to get a hang of. It provides you with a far better feeling of control when attempting to stop the bike.

The GUNAI’s wheelset includes the standard fat bike dimension, with the 26 x 4-inch tires offering enough coverage to stay stable on snow, sand, mud, to name but a few. The tread offers exceptional grip while still allowing you to have a smooth ride on a road or pavement.

A powerful 500 watt motor pushes the bike all by itself when required, yet it reaches it’s best when you’re getting pedalling help from it, specifically when you’re managing inclines and also difficult riding surface areas. The bike can reach approximately 20 mph on flat surfaces when simply utilizing the motor.

The motor’s variable rates are managed with a twist-n-go change on the handlebar. A 36V lithium battery keeps all of it going for around 35 miles on a complete charge, and needs 6 hours to fully charge.

If front suspension isn’t a problem for you, and you desire an economical fat bike that can assist you navigate on numerous various courses and also surface areas, This electrical fat bike is your finest option.

Best Of The Rest

Magnum UI5 Electric Bike

Magnum UI5 Electric Bike

  • ✔ Luxury quality build & frame.
  • ✔ Premium quality break & gear shift system.
  • ✔ Long lasting lithium battery.
  • ✔ Bright backlit display and USB charging port.
A commuting machine that provides endless versatility.

The Magnum UI5 elegantly to avoid the kind of geeky look that some hybrid electric bikes have, revealing a much sleeker, sporty looking bike that compliments it’s performance.

The bike handles to do all of this while flawlessly incorporating a complete electrical motor drive that may seem discreet, however provides a large quantity of power thats last for miles at a time.

Combined with a top-tier drivetrain, the Magnum UI5 is one heck of a commuting hybrid bike ready to tackle any situation.

With a saddle similar to a road bike design, the Magnum UI5 offers the rider a more aggressive seating position. The upwards contour and longer stem permits the biker to sit more upright, without giving up any kind of steering capability.

The UI5 does not go all out with the speed options, but it maximizes a well-ratioed 7 speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, that includes a matching shifter. There suffices low as well as high spread in between for any kind of riding situation, especially when aided by the electric motor.

Premium TEKTRO brake elements make up the front as well as back disc brake system. This provides the UI5 a very impressive level of stopping power, making it so much easier to regulate the bike at faster speeds, or when weaving around congested roads and walkways.

The bike’s wheelset consists of 26-inch, double-walled light weight aluminum rims, paired with some extremely trendy Schwalbe Big Ben 2.5-inch vast tires with an eyecatching brownish color. The tires are a little larger than usual hybrid tires, but they are an excellent suit for the bike’s motor facet.

The UI5 has an extremely effective 350W rear hub electric motor that can carry the bike up to 22 miles per hour. There are three different pedal aid settings that riders can use to improve particular riding scenarios. The highest possible setup makes pedaling a breeze, calling for practically no input from the rider.

X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

  • ✔ 7 speed shimano tourney gears & shifters.
  • ✔ 100% aluminum alloy frame.
  • ✔ Quick change front wheel.
  • ✔ Removable luggage rack.
Attractive design, a multi gear drivetrain, extra features, and multiple color options all help the Malibu to be a superior bike.

The Malibu Beach Cruiser from X-Treme is definitely one of our absolute favourite electric bikes for numerous reasons. It has the traditional cruiser design, it uses some modern-day parts to achieve modern levels of style and comfort. It’s already a phenomenal bike even without taking the electric motor into consideration.

Some electrical bikes focus on the motor and build the rest of the components around it, however it’s clear the Malibu aims to be a top-class pedal bike first.

Eye-catching design, a multi-gear drivetrain, additional functions, and several color options all help the Malibu to be a premium bike.

The aluminum structure gives it a more lightweight feel, The Malibu’s saddle is your basic cruiser saddle, which is a good thing. Lots of cushioning, lots of coverage, as well as a luxurious feel. The handlebars have an ideal contour to them, enabling you to direct the bike with your arms and shoulder in a much more loosened up natural and relaxed position.

If you’re familiar with cruisers having one gear, you’ll welcome the Malibu’s 7-speed drivetrain, featuring Shimano Tourney elements. You get a larger selection of gear ratios and speed to help you power up inclines, or get some added speed when necessary.

The Malibu makes use of disc brakes, which is an additional rarity for cruiser bikes, as they frequently have caliper-style brakes with pads rather than sporty brake systems. However, this is an electric bike, so the additional stopping power is absolutely more than welcome.

For the wheelset, the Malibu utilizes Kenda balloon-style tires and 26 inch wheels. You obtain some added shock absorption, a great white wall look, and also some extra traction thanks to a smart tread pattern. replacing tubes is very easy thanks to quick-release hub systems in the front and back of the bike.

The motor of the Malibu is 300 watts, and also is located on the back hub. You can use the twist grasp control on the side of the handlebar to cycle through various pedal aid levels, or simply let the bike ride itself with no need to pedal.

A 24V battery seems a little low, but in some way powers the electric motor to enable the bike to reach a max rate of 20 miles per hour, for 20 miles on a full charge. If you need a recharge, you’ll only need to wait approximately 4 hours.

Added attributes truly complete the Malibu. There’s a removable baggage rack, a front light, a kickstand, and even a water bottle included for good measure. Purchase a Malibu and you’re good to go.

Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike

Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Designed for both male and female riders.
  • ✔ 500W brushless motor.
  • ✔ Strong rear bike rack perfect for shopping.
A fat bike that conquers almost anything in its path.

The Addmotor Motan has the right idea: Start by constructing an outstanding fat bike, ensuring it has the perfect parts and layout. When that’s done, determine a way to mount a motor in there.

This sensible technique results in a fat bike that destroys almost anything in its path, with the choice to switch the motor on when the times you need a little muscle, or wish to feel like you’re on a dirt bike for a little while.

The controller and battery pack offer the Motan a beefier look, with the assembly positioned under frame tube. The regular joe may simply presume you have some sort of large water bottle or storage case.

The Motan’s bike frame is made from light weight aluminum, and also has a remarkable front fork that helps to soak up bumps on the ride. The frame has some flexibility to it, and obviously the fat tires aid with the shock absorption as well.

Steering the Motan is very simple, many thanks to a properly designed saddle as well as handlebar mix, positioning the biker in an excellent position to both relax and also steer without placing added strain on their arms or back.

The Motan’s drivetrain consists of 7 different gears, with a ration spread that is perfect for the size and style of the bike. Shimano TX55 parts compose the drivetrain as well as the shifter, for a smooth speed changing feel that operates in perfect synchronisation with the electric motor.

Fat bikes require some additional braking power, which’s exactly what the TEKTRO disc brakes provide on each end. Not too delicate, yet not too much effort needed for an abrupt and sudden stop.

The tires of the Motan stand out. 26 x 4-inch Kenda tires offer it the right amount of traction, letting the bike conveniently ride over snow, sand, and any various other surface that smaller sized tires might not have the ability to deal with.

A 500W motor powers the Motan, whether you are requiring pedal aid, or want to allow the bike to propel itself while you merely guide it in the right direction. The motor is operated with a twist-shift throttle, and offers different speed as well as pedal support settings to completely match your riding atmosphere in any kind of scenario.

The Samsung lithium battery uses 48 volts, and also can power the bike for 30-55 miles, which is one of the longer distances you’ll see on an electrical bike. It’s not unusual to expect rates of around 23 miles per hour on flatter portions of roadway. The battery requires 4 hours for a complete recharge.

The Addmotor Motan is a true beast of a bike, allowing you ride even in harsh weather, loose soil or gravel, as well as pretty much anything else it can get grip on. The motor is a perfect companion for the bike’s grit and stature, providing all that’s required to navigate any place such as the roadway or trail paths.

What Is An E-Bike or Electric Bike?

An e-bike, or electric bike, is a common pedal bike fitted with a battery and electric motor. When you pedal, the electric motor begins to take some of the pressure off of the rider. Many models have a maximum speed they will assist with. Once it reaches a top speed, it cuts out and leaves the rest of the pedalling to the rider. You can go faster, however not with the aid of the motor.

The majority of e-bikes have a variety of power settings so that you can adjust the level of assistance the bike supplies. It can also be turned off totally, so you can utilize it like a conventional pedal bike.

You don’t need a special licence to make use of an e-bike *, and it does not need an MOT, but insurance is recommended.

You’re cost-free to travel anywhere a regular pedal bike can.

E-bikes are easy, practical as well as enjoyable, are inexpensive to run. You’re able to take a trip anywhere a routine pedal bike can.

Concerning e-bike batteries
E-bikes are fitted with a rechargeable battery that powers the motor, which assists to drive the pedals when the rider activates the motor. The battery is removable and also usually recharged via a standard wall socket, so you can bring it indoors when power is dwindling and have it totally recharged for when you next head out.

Batteries often tend to be either mounted on the framework or fitted within specifically made racks above the back wheel, and differ in power. This is an important factor in determining what kind of variety you will choose.

One more element to take into consideration is just how you use your e-bike. Some battery varieties claim ranges based on ‘optimal riding conditions’, so the range of your own battery will depend greatly on the types of journeys you take on as well as the degree of assistance you utilize. Simply choose a battery with twice your normal day-to-day usage and you ought to have enough power to complete your ride. If you do ever run out of juice, you’ll still have the ability to pedal the bike to your destination.

Why You Need To Choose Your E-Bike Carefully

Electric bikes are more complicated that standard pedal bikes, primarily as a result of the existence of an electric motor, and sometimes a throttle as well. This affects the bike for a couple of reasons, so you need to prepare yourself to expect this beforehand so you do not wind up disappointed.

Also, whether you’re buying an electric bike or not, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting the right kind of bike of what your riding needs are to start with. Remember, electric bikes aren’t cheap, so don’t waste your hard earned cash on something that isn’t the right fit.

Important Aspects To Consider Before You Make The Purchase

Style Of Electric Bike

Top of your list should be what style of bike you’re looking for. Is the electric version of that bike the right call for you. Remember, just because you’ve bought an electric bike doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take on that dirt track, you need to be sure it’s the right style to compliment your requirements.

Mountain E-Bikes

Electric mountain bikes were last to the party, however they are one of the most popular styles around today. Having that extra boost for those off road obstacles and inclines is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Allowing the rider to ride for longer due to less physical exertion is a huge benefit of the electric mountain bike range. Stamina saving motors can make long climbs easier and even improve a riders speed over a long journey.

Hybrid E-Bikes

Hybrids are best described as a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. They are the best choice for commuters who are interested in using their bike for leisure as well as riding to work and back.

Electric hybrids add a 3rd element to the equation and really do make the ideal commuting machines for the vast majority of workers. Getting to work quicker, with less effort means gone are the days of turning up at work looking like a sweaty mess. If you’re interested in an electric bike for commuting these are by far the best way to go.

Folding Electric Bicycles

Folding bikes are another hugely popular option for commuters who have to travel at least partially on public transportation. When folded they can collapse to almost a third of their size making them a dream to store at home and on the train.

When you start looking at the electric versions of these ingenious bikes you’re seeing quite possibly the most versatile and useful commuting item of them all.

Not only do they look really cool but you now have the ability to rack up the miles thanks to both pedal assistance and portability.

Cruiser E-Bikes

Cruisers are very chilled bikes. Stylish, easy to ride, simply fun causal biking at it’s finest. When you add an electric motor things get even easier. Riders really start to embody the name and cruise around effortlessly.

Electric Bike Motor Classes

Generally speaking there are 3 distinct categories when it comes to electric bike motor choices.

Pedelec Electric Motors

Pedelecs are unable to run on their own, they are electric bikes that offer assistance only. They can assist a rider up to around 20mph. Most electric bikes will fall into this category.

S-Pedelec Electric Motors

Much like the standard Pedelec electric motors these will offer pedal assistance to the rider however do not have a limit and will continue to assist up to much faster speeds. They are very common motors to be found on electric hybrid and electric mountain bikes

Variable Speed Throttle Electric Motors

Power on-demand electric bikes have an actual throttle and the bike is able to be powered purely by the electric motor with no pedal assistance from the rider. These motors are limited to around 25mph to avoid the need for a road license. A power on-demand electric bike rider would be able to travel without any effort on their part and if the motor runs out of juice they can simply pedal the remainder of the journey.

Motor Types

Electric bike motors are usually installed in one of two places. Depending on where the motor is installed we can usually identify what type of motor the bike has.

Hub Motor

Hub motors are located on either the front or rear wheel. This type of motor turns the wheel hub via a rotor when activated. These are usually found on the rear wheel and are the most common type of motor found on electric bikes.

Mid-Drive Motor

The mid-drive motors are found on the bikes drivetrain and crank. Unlike the hub motor, the mid-drive emulate the action usually conducted by the rider via the pedals. This type of motor is usually found on the more ‘high end’ electric bikes and has more moving parts.

Although better reviewed by the electric bike community they are not a common component on most available bikes.


Batteries in general have come a long way in recent year. Lithium batteries are easier to recharge, lighter and are setting a new standard in terms of electric bike batteries.

Battery packs play a huge role in how far you can travel on an electric bike and therefore whether a specific bike is suitable for your needs. If you’re able to get to and from work on a single charge then great, however if you need to charge while at work, whats the charging time like?

Also check if you can remove the battery from the bike. Some cannot be removed and therefore the whole bike needs to be brought to a charging location rather than simply the battery pack.


Hopefully this guide has given you lots to think about and a better understanding of the options out there and where to start when looking for the best electric bike for your needs.

We’ve researched and analysed all the e-bikes on this guide and recommend each and every one of them.

Before you make a purchase, consider what you’re looking to gain from an electric bike and what it’s main use will be. This way you’ll be able to find the right electric bike for you.

As the electric bike market is ever growing we are constantly monitoring our guide and will update it if new and exciting bikes become available and we feel they are a good fit for the title of ‘best e-bikes