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How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost? How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

An electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor which can be used to propel the bike. The motor can be powered by a battery, or charged by connecting it to an external power source. The use of an electric bike has become popular in recent years because it is environmentally friendly and provides […]

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Mountain Bike Wheels Mountain Bike Wheels

Riding a mountain bike is awesome. However, when you take your skills to the next level it can be really fun. You will find that in the right wheels and tires you will be able to do more with your bike. Whether you ride on trails, footpaths or bike parks, the better your tires the […]

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Mountain Bike Suspension Mountain Bike Suspension

Mountain bike suspension is an important part of any mountain bike. The suspension fork allows the front wheel to go over the bumps and obstacles without affecting the rider. This feature provides a smoother ride, more traction, and better control. Mountain bikes have been a popular mode of transportation for years. They are inexpensive, practical, […]

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Different Mountain Bike Types Different Mountain Bike Types

Choosing the right bike for your mountain bike riding adventures is tough. Whether you're on the look out for the best entry level mountain bike, budget mountain bike or a quality mountain bike. You'll want to consider the type of bike you're looking for first. If you're shopping for a trail bike then some sort […]

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Mountain Bike Tires Mountain Bike Tires

Mountain bike tires are among the most critical parts of your bike. The tread, the rubber compound and the compound hardness are all factors to consider when buying a tire. In this article, we talk about the different options when buying mountain bike tires. Mountain bike tires are not cheap. It is important to make […]

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Different Types Of Mountain Bike Wheels Different Types Of Mountain Bike Wheels

Mountain bike wheels fall into three main categories: rim, disc, and clincher. There are many different brands and models each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular types include rim and disc wheels. Alloy rim wheels are lightweight and stiff. They are popular for their durability. Disc wheels are heavier than […]

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Mountain Bike Frame Materials Mountain Bike Frame Materials

Mountain Bike Frame Material One of the most important things to consider is frame material. There are three basic materials used to make mountain bikes, aluminium, steel and carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is the most expensive of the three and it is used in the mountain bikes with the most features. This is because carbon […]

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Things To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike Things To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike

What Is A Mountain Bike? A mountain bike is a sturdy bike that is designed to be ridden off-road, over hill and dale, through mud, dirt, grass, rocks, puddles, etc. They are bike sports bikes that are designed with extra durable components, wider tires, stronger frames, and better suspension systems. The size of a mountain […]

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Are Folding Bikes Comfortable To Ride? Are Folding Bikes Comfortable To Ride?

Folding bikes are comfortable to ride on long journeys Folding bikes is a great way of saving space in your car when you're out and about. They can be folded up into the trunk or back seat when you don't need them. So there's no reason not to take one with you wherever you go. […]

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How Much Do BMX Bikes Cost? How Much Do BMX Bikes Cost?

Figure Out What Type of BMX Rider You Are BMX riders are as different as snowflakes. There are many different types of BMX riders, and it's important to figure out what type of rider you are so you can better understand your own skills and limitations. Different BMX riders have their own unique style and talent. […]

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