Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000

Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 (April 2024)

The Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 (April 2024)

$2000 is a great budget for a mountain bike (mtb). When looking at the best mountain bikes under $2000, spending that little bit extra does bring a good bump in quality and performance. You can find a much wider selection of full-suspension bikes, which are great for tackling technical terrain at speed.

When you are out to buy a mountain bike, always plan ahead. It is critical to understand that there are a lot of things to consider first. The good news is you have found a site that will give you all the information you need. Empowering you to choose a bike that is right for you. We have reviewed several types of mountain bikes, so you can choose a bike that is suited for your terrain and your riding style. We hope you enjoy the article and are able to find the best mountain bikes under 2000 dollars.

The Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000 Buyers Guide (April 2024)

  • 1. Schwinn Traxion
  • 2. Mongoose Switchback
  • 3. Tyax Expert
Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike Image

Schwinn Traxion

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminum Dual Suspension Frame
  • ✔ Powerful Schwinn Suspension Fork Shock Absorption
  • ✔ 24-Speed Shimano EZ Fire Trigger Gear System
  • ✔ 2.25" Wide Knobby Mountain Bike Tires

Durability is still the name of the game thanks to high profile double wall alloy rims and thick, knobby mountain tires designed to take a beating.

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

A premium mountain biking experience is just a click away with the Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. This model was built with comfort and ease-of-use in mind, making it the ideal model for an experienced mountain biker.

Zoom down hills and rip through gnarly trails on the 29" Schwinn Traxion, a mean full suspension mountain bike that's itching to get out and go. Featuring an aluminum dual suspension frame with a powerful Schwinn suspension fork and reliable mechanical disc brakes. The centrally-located spring shock absorber also minimizes unnerving jolts applied to the seat. This bike handles smoothly and stopping is always crisp and efficient. Every trail is your new playground with 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters, a Shimano rear derailleur and reliable Schwinn alloy cranks.

Durability is still the name of the game thanks to high profile double wall alloy rims and thick, knobby mountain tires designed to take a beating. So put down your phone and experience a ride that never quits. Like all Schwinn bikes, the Traxion comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.

Durable, adaptable, and reliable. Take on new trails like never before with this Schwinn mountain bike. Enjoy the freedom of riding a Schwinn.

This bike has almost 100 reviews, with an overwhelming majority being positive. It's an affordable, quality full suspension mountain bike and you should give it some serious consideration if you're in the market for one.

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike Image

Mongoose Switchback

  • ✔ Neat Internal Cable Routing
  • ✔ Powerful Disc Brakes
  • ✔ Quality 27.5 Inch Tires
  • ✔ Lightweight Tectonic T1 Aluminum Frame

A great example of Mongoose build quality. A beautiful bike that's fast and easy to ride.

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Mongoose Switchback is a hardtail mountain bike with a lightweight alloy frame. It's design is suitable for XC, All-Mountain, and Trail riding.

The bike is very easy to assemble because the assembly instructions are clear and concise. The handlebars are also adjustable to help make this bike feel more comfortable for riders of different heights or abilities.

Mongoose is a well-known brand in the biking world. They produce a wide range of bikes, from mountain bikes to BMX bikes. The Switchback is an entry-level bike that can be used for off road biking and racing. It is not necessarily made for beginners, yet it’s very easy bike to maintain. But if you want a versatile bike with high quality and durability, the Mongoose Switchback is well worth considering.

I would recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for an affordable option that can support their needs as they're biking through all kinds of terrain.

Tyax Expert Mountain Bike Image

Tyax Expert

  • ✔ Tectonic T2 Aluminum Frame
  • ✔ Powerful Rear Hub For A More Stable Ride
  • ✔ Internal Cable Management
  • ✔ High Performance Shimano BR-M400 Hydraulic Brakes

The Tyax Expert is a powerful mountain bike. The Tyax Expert is constructed from the finest of materials. If you are looking for a mountain bike that will keep up with you, then the Tyax Expert is the bike for you.

Tyax Expert Mountain Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

If you're looking for a good deal on a mountain bike, there's a good chance the answer is Tyax Expert. Best known for their bicycles and bike parts, Tyax is also the top brand for mountain bike helmets and components. This makes them the go to choice for serious mountain bikers, and has also earned them some very valuable customer loyalty.

Every year, the trail bike industry is filled with innovative new products that are designed to make mountain biking faster, more efficient, more aggressive, and more fun. Among them is the Tyax Expert. This bike's many features make it a perfect choice for a wide range of trail-riding enthusiasts, from riders who are just getting started to those who are looking for a competitive bike.

A Tyax Expert mountain bike is a high quality mountain bike with a wide range of features that will improve your riding experience. It is for expert riders and those looking for the ultimate in quality and performance. Its aluminum frame and fork are both incredibly tough and highly responsive. The aero-profile of the fork and the rigid alloy rear triangle offer incredible control and stability. The Tyax Expert also comes with a set of 12-speed SRAM SX Eagle shifters.

There's no question that when it comes to performance bikes, the new Tyax Expert is a serious contender. As a true race machine, the bike is designed from the ground up for optimum speed, cornering, and control. This means that everything on the bike has been taken into account, and that the frame and geometry are perfectly tuned for maximum efficiency and performance.

More Information Regarding Mountain Bikes Under $2000 (2024)

The Features You Need

Riders with a bit of a biker's mentality will know that different accessories are important to their riding comfort and enjoyment. When you're out there at the trail head hitting some singletrack, it's really about getting the best bang for you buck, so here's a list of some features that every mountain biker should have.

Mountain bikes are all about the features. That's why finding a good one is so difficult. You know that's true, because you've been trying to find the perfect bike for yourself or a loved one for years. The secret to finding the right bike is knowing what to look for.

Are Mountain Bikes Meant To Be Comfortable?

If you want your new bike to be comfortable you need to understand something first. Mountain bikes are designed to have strong and durable frames that can handle the punishment of trails and rocky trails. It is important that you choose a bike that fits you perfectly. Comfort in the sense that when you go over rough terrain you don't hurt your back is achievable. Comfort such that you won't feel a thing when you go over a pot hole is less so.

How Much Should You Spend?

The more you can afford to spend on a mountain bike the more chance you'll end up with a better bike. It's not always the case that expensive bikes are good bikes. But combining a large budget and appropriate research will give you every chance of landing a great mountain bike.

We've collected the best mountain bikes under $2000 we feel offer a balance between value for money and acceptable performance. All be it for the price range. Take a look for yourself.

What Type Of Brakes Would You Expect On A Mountain Bike Costing Less Than $2000?

2000 dollars is a substantial budget. So we'd expect to see disc brakes on most of the bikes we review.

Hydraulic disc brakes are more expensive than mechanical disc brake systems but offer more stopping power and faster reaction time. The hydraulic system requires no maintenance and provides more rider control with less effort.

Mechanical disc brakes are cheaper, lighter, and easier to maintain than hydraulic disc brake systems. It's also easier for new cyclists to learn how to use them because of their simpler design. Mechanical disc brakes have drawbacks as well though, such as being less powerful, reacting slower, being noisy, being prone to heat-induced failure in prolonged riding conditions, or having cables that can get snagged on things if not properly routed.

Mountain Bike Frames On Bikes Costing Up To $2000

A bike frame is the supporting structure of a bicycle, onto which wheels and other parts are attached. It provides a rigid and durable construction, without limiting the ability to flex. The blades of metal that form the frame are often shaped into tubes in order to save weight.

The frame is the backbone of a bicycle, upon which all other components are mounted. It is constructed from one or more tubes that usually have a round cross-section with diameters ranging from 1/8" to 3/4" (3 to 20mm). The aluminum frame is the most common type of Mountain Bike frame. It has a range of benefits that outweigh some of its disadvantages.


The first benefit is the weight. Aluminum frames are substantially lighter than steel frames which makes them easier to carry up steep hills or trails. This also makes them easier on your body, especially if you have to ride uphill for long periods of time.

An aluminum frame is often more affordable than a steel frame which makes it an attractive option for people who are on a budget but still want quality equipment. They are also less likely to rust over time, making them an excellent choice for people who live in areas with high humidity or rain fall risk.

Lastly, aluminum frames are generally considered more durable because they don't have as many metal joints as steel frames do.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber frames are made from a combination of carbon and small amounts of resin. They are both light, strong and stiff.

Carbon fiber is one of the most versatile materials on the cycling industry. Mountain bike frames are usually made of carbon fiber to save weight and increase structural rigidity. It is an excellent choice because it has the best strength to weight ratio, making it easy to carry around.

Carbon fiber is a popular material for bike frames because it's strong and light. This material is also expensive, which makes the price of the bike frame fairly high.

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing is a system of routing cables inside the frame tubing. The main advantage of internal cable routing is cleanness and simplicity. When building up a bike, you do not need to worry about the cables getting caught on other parts or rubbing against them, which can happen with external cable routing.

The disadvantage is that the frame needs to be designed for this system, which means that it cannot be easily adapted for other needs if it’s not already suitable. When using internal cable routing, there are fewer options for where the cables can be routed because you want them to stay in one place instead of moving around through different tubes.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are a type of bicycle that is designed for off-road cycling. They differ from other types of bicycles in that they offer a more durable frame and wider tires, as well as different gearing. The rider often sits closer to the ground and the handlebars are usually lower than on a road bike.

Electric mountain bikes are bicycles equipped with an electric motor. The motor helps the rider pedal up hills or over longer distances with little effort, which makes them popular with riders who have some physical limitations or do not want to exert themselves physically on the bicycle.

An electric mountain bike can be significantly more expensive than standard mountain bikes. However you can find budget models for about $2,000 that have decent quality components and offer good value for money. Perfect if you plan to use them regularly for commuting.

Suspension Systems

Mountain bike suspension systems are immensely important for a number of reasons. The first is that they offer a greater amount of control over the terrain, which is good for the rider's safety and enjoyment. They also do a better job at absorbing shock from rough terrain, giving a more comfortable ride.

Mountain bikes are designed to go over rough terrain. They are specially made to maximize off-road performance. A mountain bike suspension system can be one of the most important decision factors for a rider. This article discusses different systems that mountain bikes use and what they offer to riders.

Different Types Of Mountain Bikes

The suspension system on a mountain bike is one of the most important parts of the bike.

There are many different types of mountain bikes that use either hardtail or full suspension. Full suspension bikes are more expensive but they provide greater comfort and control for off-road activities.

Rigid mountain bikes are cheaper than both hardtail and full suspension types, they are heavy and do not perform well off-road. Trail bikes are built for cross-country trips on paved or gravel roads, but can't handle off-road terrain like other types of bikes.


A rigid mountain bike is a mountain bike with no suspension, which relies on the rider to cushion the impact of bumps. This type of mountain bikes can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are generally considered more difficult to use than bikes that have suspension.
On the other hand, rigid mountain bikes are often cheaper than their suspended counterparts.

Due to their lack of suspension, this type of bicycle is not recommended for novice riders who will need significant time practicing riding on bumpy surfaces before they tackle rougher terrain.


A hardtail bike is a type of mountain bike which does not have a rear suspension systems. They are lighter than full suspension bikes because they don't have any extra parts like shock absorbers or springs. The lack of these components makes them more affordable and easier to handle on rough terrain like dirt roads, trails, etcetera.

They are perfect for beginner riders who do not want the complication of a full suspension system. Yet still want the ability to ride off-road with confidence in their bikes abilities.

Full Suspension

Full suspension mountain bikes are more expensive than hard tail mountain bikes, but they offer a smoother ride and provide more comfort for the rider.

Full suspension mountain bikes are equipped with front and rear shocks. Front shocks absorb the impact of impacts on bumpy roads, while rear shocks help absorb bumps on rough terrain. The shocks are mounted to the frame of the bike, which absorbs some of the impact that would be transferred to the rider's body through their hands.


The suspension system is an important component of any bicycle, and it plays a key role in determining the level of comfort and control offered by any given bike. A trail bike is designed for use over rough terrain.

The suspension system of the trail bike is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations from dirt or rock surfaces.
There are three main types of suspension systems in use on trail bikes: telescopic, spring coil, air shock.

Trail bikes usually have front and rear suspension systems to reduce the impact of terrain on the rider. The three main types of suspension systems in use on trail bikes are telescopic, spring coil, and air shock.

Spring Coil Suspension Systems

The Trail Bike Spring Coil Suspension Systems is a fairly straightforward system. This suspension system has a coil spring that is housed inside a sealed outer tube with a fluid. The coil spring is either compressed or extended by the forces of the rider and the terrain. This compression and extension create an upward force on the bike's rear wheel, which goes over bumps and takes the bumps out of the ride.

Air Shock Suspension Systems

Understanding the suspension of mountain bikes is the key to controlling the bike's movement. Mountain bike suspension systems are designed to absorb bumps, smooth out the ride, and keep the rider in control. There are two basic types of mountain bike suspensions: rigid and suspension. Rigid systems are found mostly in mountain bikes for kids or casual riders. They don't have any kind of suspension, just a straight set of handlebars that don't maneuver when the bike hits a bump.

Telescopic Suspension Systems

The telescopic suspension system is a type of suspension system for bicycles.

It is composed of telescopic tubes, which are compressed or extended by moving the ends closer or farther apart. This movement changes the shape of the tube, which alters the distance between it and the frame, and thus affects the rate at which the tire moves up and down.


A fat bike is a type of bike that offers the rider an exceptional, smooth ride. It has wider tires and bigger frames than traditional bikes. This type of bike needs lower gears and fewer maintenance to keep the rider moving smoothly. Fat bikes do not have suspension systems due to their large tires and frames which provides all-terrain stability and durability to the bike.


Gravel bikes are designed for the mixed terrain cycling. The gravel bike suspension system is a specialized fork designed for greater comfort of riding on bumpy terrain.

A gravel bike suspension system is an individual fork that is designed to have more travel than a typical mountain bike fork, with the intent of being able to absorb the bumps and holes of non-paved roads. When it comes to suspension, there are many different ways to achieve this on a dirt bike - ranging from full rigid forks all the way up to full suspension designs for those who want as much cushion as possible without sacrificing too much speed or efficiency.

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