Best BMX Bikes Under $200

Best BMX Bikes Under $200 (July 2024)

While there are many key features to consider when choosing the best BMX bikes under $200. You won’t look at all of them if you are a beginner bmx rider. We have focused on the features that will help beginners find their perfect BMX bike. Finding the right one is very personal. It is a combination of your personal tastes and price range. The best BMX bike for you could be on this list.

BMX bikes look really cool because of the lively colors they offer, They are very popular among bicycle lovers. These bikes are mainly built for off-road, stunt and many other kinds of cycling such as freestyle . BMX bikes are commonly available in 16’’ to 26’’ wheel and 20’’ wheel is probably the most popular size.


Unlike most other types of bikes BMX bikes usually come flat packed. So you'll need to be prepared to put it together yourself. BMX bikes under $200 purchased online will usually come in a big, flat, cardboard box and will require assembly. This isn't a deal breaker by any means as you could simply take your BMX to a local bike shop and get it professionally built. This is something we actively encourage as BMX bikes are known for taking a beating while being ridden. So it's a good idea to make sure the bike is put together correctly before putting it to the test.

Finding The Best BMX Bikes Under $200

There are obviously many more great BMX bikes available on the market. We've focused on choosing a collection that are good value, for beginner or intermediate riders & within our price range of $200. In this article, we hope you might be able to discover the perfect BMX bike.

For most kids, fat tire bikes are always a head-turner. The only drawback, most parents would agree with us is the cost bmx bikes attract. But would you believe that there are fair quality bmx bikes under $200? Redline has made some of the most influential bikes, and sponsored some of the most influential riders in the sport. This brand any many others have been considered as part of this ever changing list of recommended best bmx bikes.

Best BMX Bike Sizes

A BMX bike is more than just a small bike. It’s the bike that spins, turns around, bunny hops, and even glides through the air. BMX bikes are for stunts and tricks more than anything else. They're great for a casual ride around the park but they are built for so much more. Most BMX bikes are also lightweight and even suitable for kids.

BMX bikes can be used by anyone, but youth riders are generally the main target market. However, many adults also like these bikes for the adrenaline rush that the sport offers. If you are an adult, you should look for something around the 24-inch mark.

BMX Bike Frame Material

Out there you will find lots of BMX bikes made of verities of materials. Mostly the frame of a BMX bike made of high performance hi-ten steel frame or durable aluminum top tube. Having a budget of $200 will effect whether or not these materials are available to us.

Different tire treads are suited to pavement, parks or ramps. For dirt riding you’ll want a tire with a light tread on it. A smoother tire is needed for street and flatland riding. Racers will typically seek a narrower tire with a fast rolling center, and side knobs to aid in corner traction.

The Purpose Of A BMX Bike

Since its introduction in the 1970s, the BMX bike has stood out as the bad-boy of the biking world. Forget lazy Sunday cruises and calm long-distance treks. BMX bikes are for intense racing, jumping and stunts!

BMX Bikes are like the SUV of the bike industry. Mainly used for street riding, skatepark, ramps, jumping or racing, BMX bikes can still be used as a stylish form of transportation.

Hopefully you can find something you like, within your budget, on our list below.

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