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Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes of 2020

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Updated - March 13, 2020

Mountain Bikes are perfect for all kinds of different conditions. While a road bike is excellent for travelling down long flat roads, a mountain bike can make travelling through harsh and rough terrain much much easier. Something that many other types of bikes would struggle with immensely. They simply aren’t designed for the rough treatment of off road terrain. It’s very common to see sophisticated suspension systems on mountain bikes along with many other useful features to help absorb the shock of hard impacts while off road. These include thicker tyres that have a lower pressure rating than road bike tyres, straight handlebars rather than the more aerodynamic racing handlebars. These features are designed to help your bike become resilient, long lasting and durable.

It goes without saying that the best mountain bikes aren’t simply for off road hills and dirt paths, they can be very suitable to easier terrain as well. However all that extra technology keeping you on the bike while off road does mean that mountain bikes are usually a lot heavier than their road bike counterparts. Don’t be too quick to compare their road performance against a native road bike as road bikes are designed purely for this environment and it would be unfair to judge mountain bikes in this way, however for most casual riders a mountain bike could be the perfect compromise allowing them to use the bike in many environments without the need to store several different bikes for different journeys.

We’ve put this list together below to help you find the right entry level mountain bike by concatenating the very best mountain bikes of 2020. Please take a look though the list and use it to help you make the right choice.

Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes of 2020
  • SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike - The top dog of mountain bikes.
  • BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike - High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes.
  • BEIOU T700 Toray Mountain Bike - Great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.


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SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Carbon Fiber Frame (Ultra Lightweight)
  • ✔ Top Quality Shimano Derailleur System
  • ✔ Michelin Tires
  • ✔ Memory Foam Saddle
The top dog of mountain bikes.
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Where the street closes, the fun starts for mountain bikers. What started in the 1970s and today is the best wheel movement on the planet. Mountain bicycles ensure a lot of fun on any types of terrain. MTBā€™s are specially designed for the use off-road. For this purpose, they have a stable frame, coarse tires, and a multi-pass chain system.

Mountain bikes are also increasingly equipped with disc brakes. The MTB front wheel is guided by a suspension fork.

As the ‘SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike’ name implies, the mountain bike is a bicycle that is best suited for off-road use. The mountain bike has a sturdy and compact design to enable easy driving on the top of the hill and the stone.Ā Ā Stable, wide frame also includes the broad, coarse tires, which provide a difficult surface for a lot of traction.

In comparison to other wheels, mountain bikes usually have smaller frames, on which disc or cantilever brakes are mounted. Also typical are chain gears as well as sophisticated suspension systems.

If only the front fork has a suspension, then the mountain bike is a so-called hard tail. The rear wheel is also sprung; it is called a full suspension. Due to the stiffness of a hard tail frame, direct power transmission to the drive is possible.

Through the efficient drive, especially uphill, the Hard tail can play its advantages to the full. Also, price, maintenance, and weight are to be ignored at the purchase. The missing parts like a rocker, bearing, and suspension at the rear make it a lot easier and less maintenance-intensive.

It is not only the ease of terrain and the possibility to drive very fast, which one expects from a mountain bike because such a two-wheeler has to look good these days.

If all these conditions are met, safety and comprehensive equipment must also be guaranteed. There are some general factors that should be considered when buying an MTB are, the comfort that the saddle offers, whether it is adjustable and also visually pleasing.

This also applies to the handlebars, where the optics are certainly less important than the functionality or that you do not slip. Of course, the tires or the tire profile, the type of shift as well as the brake system of the wheel are also of importance. In the following section we will reviewĀ SAVA DECK 300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike.

BEIOU Hardtail Mountain Bike

BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike

High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes.
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The BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike is an absolutely beautiful bike. I particularly like the contrast between the matte black frame and the metallic orange suspension fork. This bike suffers from the same irritation for UK customers as the BEIOU Toray mountain bike in which the brakes need to be switch to conform to UK standards. It was a real challenge to rank the two BEIOU bikes against each other and the jury is still out somewhat on which one is truly better.

TheĀ Beiou Hardtail mountain bike is quite a unique looking bike. I’m a big fan of the matte black colour this bike comes in, it’s available in other variations but my personal favourite is definitely matte black.

As mentioned above, the bikes frame is matte black, it’s quite a slim frame in comparison to some other mountain bikes we’ve reviewed on BestBikeGuide in the past. The frame is minimalistic in design and has no decals or other patterns present. The Toray T800 carbon fibre frame when built with handlebars and seat post weighs in at a mere 10.65kgs. This is very impressive, mountain bikes usually have a lot more weight to them as they’re focus is on suspension and durability rather than weight.

The bikes handlebars are home to a Shimano Deore 610 shift system giving easy access to change the 30 speed gears at will. The brake levers on theĀ Beiou Hardtail mountain bike are top quality Shimano M355’s and connect to a very impressive hydraulic disc braking system. All the cabling that leads to and from the brakes and gears are internal to avoid any problems while riding and also increase the bikes aerodynamic rating. When paired to the bikes light weight it means that the bike glides with very little effort so makes for a multipurpose mountain and road bike.

TheĀ Beiou Hardtail’s saddle is very thin when looking side on. This doesn’t affect the comfort so nothing really to worry about. The saddle post is adjustable so the bike can handle riders of different heights. The saddle is nicely finished with a red and white stripe.

The bikes front fork is a very nice orange colour and is one of the components that help give this bike’s design some depth. The bike has 26″ wheels with carbon hubs. The rims have a nice red, white and black design to match the bike and saddle. The Tyres on theĀ Beiou Hardtail mountain bike are Maxxis branded. They seem like a nice hybrid tyre, not too chunky for the road but enough about them to keep your grip on uneven surfaces.

The bikes description states ‘High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes’ and on this occasion I’m inclined to agree with then. It’s a solid bike for a great price. I’m really impressed with the bike and think it’s well worth considering if you’re in two minds between road or mountain bike.

BEIOU Toray Mountain Bike

BEIOU T700 Toray Mountain Bike

Great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.
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TheĀ BEIOU T700 Toray Mountain BikeĀ is our winner, an excellent option for best mountain bike 2020. This bike can withstand some pretty aggressive riding. The mountain bike comes with a really good set of tyres, no need to replace even the more serious riders will be able to get some use out of these tyres. The only issue here is the brakes and only if you’re in the UK. The brakes are reverse in the UK and we’ve got reports that UK buyers are having to manually swap the break lines over, quite a simple task and we plan to put together a guide in the near future for those who aren’t so sure.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike is a great looking bike that has a number of outstanding reviews online. I can understand why it’s so well received due to its combination of great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.

TheĀ Beiou Toray mountain bike comes in a variety of colours ranging from red and black through to white. My personal favourite is the latter, the whiteĀ Beiou Toray mountain bike is very impressive. It’s simplicity matched with the chunky frame reminds me of BMX bikes, all it needs to complete the look would be some pegs on either wheel. As mentioned before, the frame is quite chunky without looking out of place, the white background colour is broken up by black decals of the brand name ‘Beiou’. The frame is made of light and very strong carbon fibre. The seat post and handlebars are also carbon fibre which means the bike weighs very little.

TheĀ Beiou Toray mountain bike has a front suspension fork to help lessen the blow of any bumps the rider would otherwise feel the full impact of. The saddle is a sleek design with a white streak to break up the plain black design. The seat post is adjustable so the bike will suit most riders. The handlebars are also adjustable and lend access to the Shimano Altus 370 gear shifters as well as the brake pedals. Both are easy to use and offer smooth yet effective control of the bikes speed.

The brakes on theĀ Beiou Toray mountain bike are disc brakes, mechanical wire G3 disc brakes to be precise. They are very reliable and responsive, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with them, that being said it’s always advised to get a new bike checked out by a trained professional, safety first readers.

TheĀ Beiou Toray mountain bike’s wheel size is 26″, the bikes rims are Ruituo aluminium alloy and have severalĀ intricate patterns on them. These patterns are enhanced by the fact that the rim and tyre on both wheels are black. The tyres are Chaoyang 26″ with a light tread, I wouldn’t imagine this bike is superb off road in heavy terrain but the benefit of a light tread is that you’ll be fine to ride this on the road as a substantial amount of the tread will be gripping the road.

Overall this bike looks great, not because of some fancy frame or vivid colour scheme. It’s difficult to put my finger on it but I think the combination of a nice white bike with a simple design is quite appealing when the market is full of ‘try hard’ designs.