Best Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000

Top 6 Best Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000 (April 2021)

Updated - April 1, 2021

So you’re looking for a new bike? A bike that offers a smooth ride, value for money and a great riding experience. Perhaps you’re living in the city and are limited on space. You want a bike because it offers a great way to get to work, but you need one that folds away and is easy to store. You should take a look at our list of folding electric bikes under $1000.

Being a folding bike means you’ll have the best folding options when you get to your destination. The fact electric bikes have a hub motor to do the heavy lifting means you’re more likely to arrive way more refreshed.

These electric bikes are nippy, with a top speed of up to 15 miles an hour and a range of 30 miles. Now we don’t know where you work but a 30 miles commute is quite extreme. In fact most people will be able to get there and back on a single charge.

What Folding Electric Bikes Can I Get For $1000

If you have a budget of $1000 you have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing your perfect folding electric bicycle. When you’re choosing your electric bike we recommend considering what the purpose of the bike will be. For most it will entail travelling to work and back. We think your electric bike should have some storage facility onboard. Maybe a rear storage pannier rack.

It’s not the end of the world if you have to carry your gear on your back. After all you’re not having to pedal all the way if you don’t want to. You can make use of the onboard brushless motor and pedal assist modes available on most electric bikes. ‘Fat tire’ tires are used to try and absorb bumps and knocks as foldable electric bikes often have smaller wheels. If you’re not a fan of fat tire models then go for one with larger wheels. We think the fat tire range are great for those who need to store the bike is a very small area.

Folding electric bikes have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Their lightweight features make them an incredibly practical edition to inner-city living. They can also prove to be incredibly cost-effective in the long run.

Folding Electric Bikes Specification

Front and rear brakes aren’t always mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes. However with $1000 it’s likely you can expect to see them on some options. If you really want them then they are apparent on some of the foldable mountain bike styled electric bikes (also known as electric mountain bike models).

Many of the best folding electric bikes will come with a front suspension and rear hub motor. Disc brakes are welcomed but not entirely necessary for some models who’s top speed will be relatively low. Folding bikes are great when you need a way to store it while at work or in the cupboard at home. The range of options available is impressive but first, what exactly is a folding electric bike

The ultra light design of the carbon steel or alluminium alloy frames and the compactable property of the foldable e-bikes is responsible for making them fast, responsive, and portable. The onboard battery and pedal assist motor of most e-bike models makes them great for those who don’t ride often. Regardless of the crowded or the serenic wide open roads they can squeeze through the narrowest of streets.

With an electric bike, you’ll be able to get that little boost when you cycle. With the folding frame models you’ve got even more uses! Folding electric bikes are great for those who are short on storage space or commuters who need to carry their bikes around a bit more. Electric folding bikes have been around for a while. That means now there’s a great market of different models to choose from.

Folding Electric Bikes Are Great For Commuting

If you’re a commuter or in need a very portable and easy to store bike, we have a great range of folding electric bikes. These can be stored away if space is tight. They can be put in the boot of the car to take on holiday. You could even take them on the train. With both step over and step through aluminum alloy frame options available, you’ll be able to find the perfect electric bicycle to suit your needs.

Electric bikes are a great alternative to public transport or driving when commuting. Some models are a little more difficult to manage than others due to their size and weight. That’s where an electric folding bike comes in. Being able to fold an electric bike greatly reduces the area it takes up and makes it much easier to transport and store.

Folding electric bicycles are an easier way to commute from one place to another. People usually have electric bicycles instead of regular bikes so that they don’t have to input so much amount of energy while travelling from one place to another. However, for this purpose, a good electric bike is the first necessity.

Folding Electric Bikes Are Easy To Store

Folding electric bikes have so many benefits. For one, they are very easy to handle and easy to store, you can fold them and stow them away.

Bikes are a favorite to many, considering the benefits that they come with. But, in recent years, many are opting for electric folding bikes, and with a purpose. While the standard bikes offer an efficient and comfortable ride, foldable ones offer a better experience. Having a bike that folds down to fit in the suitcase gives these bikes a competitive edge. Now, many manufacturers are striving to create the best folding electric bike. For those in search of a bike that can ride over 20 miles without breaking a sweat, electric foldable bikes are here to make your ride more enjoyable.

Trying to decide what kind of folding bike you should go for is not always easy. To narrow down the options, you will need to ask yourself what kind of rider you are. In other words, ask yourself. What am I using this bike for? And once you can answer this, you will have a better understanding of the type of folding electric bicycle that will best match your needs.

If you have $1000 and want one of the best electric bikes but worry about storage this is for you. Check out our list of the best folding electric bikes under $1000 below.

Best Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000 - Top 6
  1. Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike - Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike boasts a wealth of features from the removable battery to its front suspension fork. Whether it's off-road hills, jungle trails, city roads or sandy beaches the X5 has you covered.
  2. Qualisports Volador 20" Folding Electric Bike - The bike is easy to ride and a perfect size for a commuter e-bike. We're satisfied with the performance in both pedal assist and throttle mode. A top class folding electric bicycle.
  3. SOHOO 48V500W12AH 20" Folding Electric Mountain Bike - A nice American folding electric bike that has a great range and an impressive array of components. Highly recommended by us and previous customers.
  4. Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike - Take the long way home with Swagtron EB7 premium commuter e-bike with removable battery and Shimano gears.
  5. Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike - A fat bike that conquers almost anything in its path.
  6. SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike - Welcome to the folding bike of the future. This bike not only has an electric motor but it comes with a smart phone app. Not many bikes can say that!


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Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike

Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ One Piece Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • ✔ Powerful 500W Motor Giving A Top Speed Of 28Mph
  • ✔ Assisted Travel Mode Can Run For Up To 55 Miles Per Charge
  • ✔ IP65 Waterproof Digital Display Showing Live Statistics And Measurements
Eahora X5 Folding Electric Bike boasts a wealth of features from the removable battery to its front suspension fork. Whether it's off-road hills, jungle trails, city roads or sandy beaches the X5 has you covered.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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  • Motor: 350 W Shengyi hub-drive motor
  • Top speed: 28 mph (45 km/h) with pedal assist (PAS)
  • Battery: 46V 13Ah (624Wh) lockable and removable battery
  • Range: 40 mi (64.3 km) estimate
  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Weight: 50.6 lb (22.9 kg)
  • Brakes: Logan 180mm hydraulic disc
  • Tires: 20 x 3 Chao Yang
  • Extras: LCD display, 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, E-PAS energy recapture mode

The frame offers a low center of gravity and a folding utility, and of course, the 3” wide tires, a great middle-ground between fat and normal width. Since it’s a folding bike, the handlebars are a bit far from the seat. They do telescope up and down but they do not move from front to back. The folding frame is nice, This bike will fit perfectly in most trunks.

Eahora’s Patented E-PAS regenerative electrical motor drastically improves range by re-charging the battery while traveling downhill, gliding, etc.  All the while the 500 Watt high-speed brushless motor can produce speeds up to 28 MPH in 10 seconds.

A good battery is vital to the electric bike, our Samsung cell battery to ensure the long life and high safety. Removable, easy to install. 2Year Warranty for the battery.

The 8-speed bike is more operational for people who climb on tricky terrain, help riders to adapt to rough conditions and accommodate inclines, bumps and other difficulties. The lower gears make it easier to pedal and the higher gears allow for the better movement going downhill.

Overall this bike is appealing for it’s price. It will suit those interested in portability more than anything else. However that being said, the front suspension and chunky fat tires go a long way to giving the rider a comfortable experience.

Here are some of the comments made by current owners of the Eahora X5.

“I love my Eahora bike, it is very well made, high quality, and looks like it will hold up against all of our rugged terrain of the NW.”

“It folds very easily and the display is clear. It comes with 2 keys to lock the battery, wheel guards and rear rack.”

Qualisports Volador 20

Qualisports Volador 20" Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Arrives Fully Assembled, Ready To Go
  • ✔ 350W High Speed Brushless Motor - Top Speed Of Up To 20MPH
  • ✔ High Quality Aluminum Folding Frame
  • ✔ 7-Speed Shimano Mechanical Gearing System
The bike is easy to ride and a perfect size for a commuter e-bike. We're satisfied with the performance in both pedal assist and throttle mode. A top class folding electric bicycle.

Aluminum Alloy Grade 6061 frame and front fork, totally new design, passed all vibration tests, light but strong enough to hold up to 220 lbs. It can also be folded within 3 steps so it doesn’t occupy too much of your room or to easily fit in your trunk. Customized 350W high speed geared brushless motor, less than 5 lbs but with 40 Nm torque, so you can go uphill over 18°. It’s so powerful that you can tackle hills without breaking much of a sweat. With a built-in clutch, you’ll never feel any magnetic resistance when riding without any power it’s a pure, comfortable bike.

To make Qualibike neat and unique, we created a seat-post lithium battery as our power system. Most people won’t recognize it’s an e-bike at first glance. And BMS system is also important. It keeps your battery safe from over-charging, over the outlet and overheating. Also, BMS manages all the cells to work more efficiently to offer you a longer range. The seat-post battery is removable so you can either charge it in the bike or separately in your room. Front and rear disc break keep you safe from any emergency with a break distance within 3 meters. Also, ebike lever is another safety feature on this bike shutting down the power system right away if you apply the breaks.

The multi-function LCD display, 12 points sensor, and FOC controller together combine the PAS system. You can either ride at pedals mode, in cruise control mode without pedaling or pure bike mode if you need. The sensor could detect every intention precisely. Once you ride a Qualibike, you will fall in love with it.

Qualisports offer an affordable and sleek folding bike that hides its electric system in the frame and seat post. The MXUS hub-drive offers welcomed support when activated. The 36v 7ah battery gives a range of up to 30 miles. The 7 speed Shimano cassette shifts effortlessly and the mechanical brakes with motor inhibitors being the bike to a steady, controlled stop.

The bike folds well, you can walk it when folded or even slide the seat post down through the frame to use it similar to a chair, allowing you to sit on the saddle of the bike while it is folded in a stable manner. Electric bikes can be expensive. The Volador offers a highly regarded folding option that doesn’t cost the earth.

SOHOO 48V500W12AH 20

SOHOO 48V500W12AH 20" Folding Electric Mountain Bike

  • ✔ One-Piece Foldable Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • ✔ Suitable For On And Off-Road Adventures
  • ✔ Large Capacity Battery Gives A Great Average Range
  • ✔ Powerful Front And Rear 160mm Disc Brakes
A nice American folding electric bike that has a great range and an impressive array of components. Highly recommended by us and previous customers.

SOHOO Electric Folding Fat Tire Bikes brings rough and tough, off-road, and folding capabilities to the hot line-up electric bikes! Great for the RV, camping, trail riding, as well as the beach or boardwalk.

These bikes go anywhere and can be stored almost anywhere. Easily fitting in the back of your car or truck, it only takes seconds to launch for hours of fun. The Sohoo has a one-piece foldable high-quality aluminum alloy frame + enhanced shock front fork. Complete with detachable and sturdy luggage rack. Not forgetting the aluminum high-end belt clip saddle can withstand 325 pounds.

The Sohoo folding electric bike has a large capacity 48V12Ah lithium battery. It has a 48V500 watt (915 peak watt) rear-drive motor and intelligent S900 LCD 5″ backlit display (1~5 power levels with USB port ). The core components to provide excellent quality performance and will help you reach 25mph with ease.

Multi-tooth thick tires increase mountain climbing ability, and greater terrain adaptability: hills

To summarise the Sohoo into a single sentence we’d have to say, it’s a very sturdy electric folding bike, complete with a responsive electric motor and good quality materials. This results in a competent machine that is quick out of the blocks and has a great top speed.

Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame With Rear Suspension
  • ✔ 7-Speed Shimano Gearing System With Quick Shift Thumb Button
  • ✔ Range Up To 19 Miles & Top Speed Of Up To 18.6Mph
  • ✔ Removable Battery For Easy Recharging (3-4 Hours)
Take the long way home with Swagtron EB7 premium commuter e-bike with removable battery and Shimano gears.
  • 350W motor
  • Cruise control
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Fully folding frame
  • Fully charges in just 3-4 hours
  • Tackles inclines up to 25 degrees
  • Weighs just 42.3 lbs (19.2 kg)
  • Top speed of up to 18.6 mp/h
  • Throttle-only range of up to 19 miles
  • 23% more power than previous model
  • Swappable 36V Lithium-ion battery
  • 7-speed Shimano Index Shifting
  • 16″ wheels & enhanced rear suspension
  • Alternate between speed modes at the push of a button

For starters, the ride is quite good for a small folding bike. The 16″wheels lets it collapse down into a small transportable package. 16″wheels also aren’t known for creating the smoothest of rides. And although there’s no front suspension on the Swagtron EB7 Plus, you do get rear suspension to help smooth out bumps that the 16″ wheels struggle with.

The little 350 W motor has its limits, but the small wheel size means bigger torque, and that torque is noticeable. The bike gets up to speed fairly quickly on throttle alone and can actually climb some smaller hills without dropping much speed. The EB7 Plus boasts a throttle-only range of up to 19 miles, however riders can take it even further with pedal-assist mode and add a few extra miles to their journey.

This excellent ebike boasts a 36V lithium-ion battery that takes just 3-4 hours to charge from empty; a great alternative to other similarly priced e-bikes that take 12+ hours. One of the extra features about the hidden battery is it’s actually removable. Meaning it can be swapped for a fresh battery if you want to go on longer rides.

This fully folding electric bike offers a waterproof rating of IPX4. This means that the battery, electricals and interior circuitry are protected against moderate sustained water splashes, but is not waterproof. So while the Swagtron EB7 isn’t perfect, there’s a lot to love. It’s a quick, torquey little e-bike that is nimble enough for slicing and dicing in the city, but can fold small enough to be easily carried onto a subway train or stashed under your desk.

Overall, we feel that the Swagtron EB7 Plus is a great, cost-effective pick for commuters and ebike enthusiasts everywhere.

Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike

Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Designed for both male and female riders
  • ✔ 500W brushless motor
  • ✔ Strong rear bike rack perfect for shopping
A fat bike that conquers almost anything in its path.

The Addmotor Motan has the right idea: Start by constructing an outstanding fat bike, ensuring it has the perfect parts and layout. When that’s done, determine a way to mount a motor in there.

This sensible technique results in a fat bike that destroys almost anything in its path, with the choice to switch the motor on when the times you need a little muscle, or wish to feel like you’re on a dirt bike for a little while.

The controller and battery pack offer the Motan a beefier look, with the assembly positioned under frame tube. The regular joe may simply presume you have some sort of large water bottle or storage case.

The Motan’s bike frame is made from light weight aluminum, and also has a remarkable front fork that helps to soak up bumps on the ride. The frame has some flexibility to it, and obviously the fat tires aid with the shock absorption as well.

Steering the Motan is very simple, many thanks to a properly designed saddle as well as handlebar mix, positioning the biker in an excellent position to both relax and also steer without placing added strain on their arms or back.

The Motan’s drivetrain consists of 7 different gears, with a ration spread that is perfect for the size and style of the bike. Shimano TX55 parts compose the drivetrain as well as the shifter, for a smooth speed changing feel that operates in perfect synchronisation with the electric motor.

Fat bikes require some additional braking power, which’s exactly what the TEKTRO disc brakes provide on each end. Not too delicate, yet not too much effort needed for an abrupt and sudden stop.

The tires of the Motan stand out. 26 x 4-inch Kenda tires offer it the right amount of traction, letting the bike conveniently ride over snow, sand, and any various other surface that smaller sized tires might not have the ability to deal with.

A 500W motor powers the Motan, whether you are requiring pedal aid, or want to allow the bike to propel itself while you merely guide it in the right direction. The motor is operated with a twist-shift throttle, and offers different speed as well as pedal support settings to completely match your riding atmosphere in any kind of scenario.

The Samsung lithium battery uses 48 volts, and also can power the bike for 30-55 miles, which is one of the longer distances you’ll see on an electrical bike. It’s not unusual to expect rates of around 23 miles per hour on flatter portions of roadway. The battery requires 4 hours for a complete recharge.

The Addmotor Motan is a true beast of a bike, allowing you ride even in harsh weather, loose soil or gravel, as well as pretty much anything else it can get grip on. The motor is a perfect companion for the bike’s grit and stature, providing all that’s required to navigate any place such as the roadway or trail paths.

SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Up To 18Mph Top Speed
  • ✔ Up To 15.5 Mile Radius
  • ✔ Interactive Application To Track Trip, Speed, GPS & More
  • ✔ USB Port To Act As A Battery For Your Phone And Other Gadgets
Welcome to the folding bike of the future. This bike not only has an electric motor but it comes with a smart phone app. Not many bikes can say that!
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
Buy From

Swagcycle Pro is the ultimate ride. Featuring a strong, foldable frame that supports up to 264 pounds and 12-inch front and 10-inch rear air-filled tires, this cycle provides a smooth ride to every rider. Not only is the Pro zero emissions, it’s also pedal-free. Sit back and get ready for miles of smiles.

Races to work. Catching the early train. Exploring new cities. The Swagcycle Pro eBike packs enough power to get you there. Just place your feet on the built-in foot pegs and let the cycle do the work. While you ride, the indicator on the handlebars makes keeping an eye on battery life easy.

For the full array of features, download the app and get connected to your Swagcycle. The app lets you track speed, record travel time, and more. And if you’re phone’s low on power, the Swagcycle Pro includes a USB port so you can charge while you adventure. Additionally, the Pro’s battery features a hidden compartment for cable management.

Ride like a pro and explore your city all over again with the Swagcycle Pro.

This bike might not be for everyone, it’s got an Eve look to it (from Walli, for those not cool enough to get the reference) which we like. Pair that with the serious specs this bike is disc brakes, internal cable routing, built in lights, kickstand and front and rear mudguard/fenders. Wow!

If you like to stand out then this bike is perfect for you. Check it out!

More Information : Best Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000

What is an electric folding bike?

A folding electric bike is just like a traditional bicycle with two important differences. The first is that it has a small battery-powered motor to help when you are tired or to glide up hills instead of exhausting yourself by powering through with pedals. The motor tends to cut out once you build up speed, usually around 25 mph, coming back in when needed. The second is that the bicycle folds up, so you can carry it or stash it easily while you get on with your day. Folding and unfolding takes mere seconds, so you will not be delayed at all by the process. If you have access to a safe bike stand, you can leave your bike assembled and simply lock it up like a normal bike.

The range of folding electric bikes – how far they will get you before the battery runs out and you have to do all the work yourself – varies considerably. Manufacturers base the range claims of their bikes on different scenarios where the weight of the rider and speed/incline varies, which makes it difficult to compare like for like and know which one will really take you furthest.

So Which Are The Best Electric Bikes?

While all of these e-bikes are worthy of being the best folding electric bike under £1000. Ultimately you will have to choose the one that is best for you. Before you buy a folding electric bike, you should weigh important factors like frame, motor power, and battery range. Consider your unique needs to find the bike that is perfect for you. Whether you are in need of a folding e-bike for your commute, exercise, or leisure, each of these options has earned its place as one of the top folding electric bikes of the year.