Best Folding Bikes of 2019

Best Folding Bikes of 2020

Folding Bikes
Updated - January 14, 2020

One characteristic which set folding bikes apart from other machines on the market, is that they fold (goes without saying, and yet we said it anyway). The collapsible nature of these bikes implies that they come in handy for anyone who wants to cycle to a bus or train station, and take their bike with them for a ride to their place of work or destination.
Folding bikes are also permitted on peak time trains, which can be of immense help to commuters. Below is a list of the best folding bikes of 2020. Take a look and share with your fellow commuters.

Best Folding Bikes of 2020
  • HIKING BK Folding Bike - This Lovely Lightweight Aluminium Hiking BK Folding Bike is an ideal companion for your life.
  • Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike - It will transform the way you commute to work.
  • Dahon Mariner Folding Bicycle - Easy to set up and good to store in a car boot.


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HIKING BK Folding Bike

This Lovely Lightweight Aluminium Hiking BK Folding Bike is an ideal companion for your life.
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This Lovely Lightweight Aluminium Hiking BK Folding Bike is an ideal companion for your life. It is easy to carry about, and everything in one box weighs just about 18 kg. The bike is really easy for anyone to fold up; and it does not take you more than 1 minute to do it after the first time. This Little Lovely Bike Has Sturdy Thick & Long Seat Post, and this makes it suitable for short as well as tall riders. The Frame Material is made of High Carbon steel and the brake type features a front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

The Hiking BK folding bike has a Net Weight of 13kg and a load capacity of 100kg. The body length is 1.2m and Time Period is 15 seconds. Driver’s Height is around 120cm-180cm and the foot type is normal pedal. The bike has a 16 Inch (Short Ride) Rim Size.

The overall size of the bike is 105x125cm (41x49inch). The lightweight aluminium frame folds in seconds and is easy to carry so you’ll never have need to leave it outside. There is a 6 Speed Shimano Gear System, a folded size of H- 20 “, l-29”, w-15” and a weight of 18kg (Lightweight).

Also there is an all light weight aluminium alloy-frame, Handlebar, Stem, Seat post, Kickstand, Head set, Front & rear hub, Crank set, V-style brakes, Front and rear fenders and more.

HIKING BK Folding Bike Pro:

  • The best easy commuting bike on roads
  • Easy to stow the handlebars away
  • Ultra-light material design

HIKING BK Folding Bike Cons:

  • Cannot carry when folded for long
  • The Hiking BK folding bike is very heavy when folded
  • Chain needs oiling before initial use
Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike

Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike

It will transform the way you commute to work.
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The Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike was very first folding bike we reviewed. It’s a very sturdy folding bike which offers a storage rail at the rear allowing for small luggage transportation. Not quite podium potential due to the more expensive bikes offering more comfort and technology however well worth considering.

  • Lightweight Alluminium Frame, bike only 12Kg
  • 7 Speed SHIMANO Gears
  • Adjustable handlebar & stem
  • Patented Folding Lock,Super safe and convenient!!
  • Folding Pedals, Alloy rear rack, Alloy Crank

The Ecosmo folding bike is hugely popular and rightly so. It offers commuters a usable mode of transportation while allowing for simple storage once at work. This lovely lightweight alloy folding bike is an ideal companion for your life. The Ecosmo is easy to carry weighing in at just 12 Kg. It is also really easy to fold up taking no more than a reported 1 minute to do it after you get the hang of it. This compact folding bike has sturdy, long seat post, so it is suitable for short and tall riders.

This quality folding bike is an ideal companion for your life. It offers families with enjoyments and mobility in a high level. Everything in one box weighs just 18 Kg. Really easy to fold up, and it takes you no more than 2 minute to do it after you get used to the process, you’ll easily fit this bike inside your car boot.

Small & Compact

When compact this bike takes up 87cm(L) 39cm(W) 60cm(H), this allows you to store it in places you couldn’t even consider for a standard bike.

Ecosmo Folding Bike Summary

A great modern bike that takes full advantage of the technology available. It will transform the way you commute to work, or simply transport your bike. Whether you choose to get on a bus, train or in a car with it, life with a folding bike will prove to be much simpler than a standard bike. Although these benefits do come at a price. The smaller wheels, less road comfort all are factors to consider when you decide for or against a folding bike. The Ecosmo is the obvious choice if you do choose a folding bike over a conventional one.

Dahon Mariner Folding Bicycle

Dahon Mariner Folding Bicycle

  • ✔ Lightweight and responsive Dalloy Aluminium
  • ✔ Integrated vertical hinge
  • ✔ 3 Speed DAHON rear derailleur
  • ✔ Rear Storage Rack
Easy to set up and good to store in a car boot.
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The Dahon Mariner Folding Bicycle 20in wheels give a ride that’s rather more like a full-sized bike than a folder. You’re not going to mistake the Qix for a carbon race bike, but the larger wheels, especially up front, make it a bit smoother on potholed streets. To be fair, Brompton does a good job of protecting your bum from road bumps with a rubber rear suspension bumper that also contributes to its diddy fold.

When folded, it’s still small enough to go in the lower luggage spot of most trains, and it’s not in the way if you stand it in the vestibule area. It’s also nicely balanced for short carries; you just grab the back of the saddle and away you go. Admittedly, you wouldn’t want to lug it too far, but lifting it on the train or into the back of a car is fuss-free.

A rack, mudguards and a kickstand are welcome features; I don’t believe a commuter bike deserves the name unless it has at least the first two. The rack comes with a luggage elastic, which is handy for your U-lock. There’s also a chainring guard to stop the transmission eating your trousers. All that’s missing is built-in lighting, but Dahon only seems to offer that on e-bikes, which is a pity.

The Dahon Mariner has a tight, accurate ride thanks to the stiffness that comes from its oversized main frame member and fat handlebar stem and seatpost. Its handling is definitely on the quick side. It responds instantly to every movement of the handlebar. That’s great for dodging potholes, but it can get a little fatiguing on longer rides.

Dahon has done a good job with the Mariner. It rides well and folds easily to a usefully compact package. It has a reassuring feel of both quality and solidity, as well as handling that’s just right for dashing round town. The few component compromises can be forgiven in a folder at this price.