Different Types Of Mountain Bike Wheels

Different Types Of Mountain Bike Wheels

Mountain bike wheels fall into three main categories: rim, disc, and clincher. There are many different brands and models each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular types include rim and disc wheels.

  1. Alloy rim wheels are lightweight and stiff. They are popular for their durability.
  2. Disc wheels are heavier than rim wheels. They are popular for their durability and have lower rolling resistance.
  3. Clincher wheels are a modern innovation that have only been around for the last 15 years. They are smaller and lighter than disc wheels, but after years of use in mountain bikes, they have shown to be extremely durable and capable as well.

Mountain bike wheels come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to the wheels, the "size" is not always the same as the "fit" of the wheel. We've all heard the saying, "bigger is better" - but that's not always true. While some prefer a wheel size that is larger than what they are used to. It's possible to find a wheel that fits the frame, and still has the size you're looking for.

Choosing The Right Wheel Type

Mountain bike wheels might be the most important component of a mountain bike, yet they often get the least amount of attention. The truth is if your wheels aren't doing their job, your bike isn't going to be riding well. It doesn't matter if you're riding the local open trail, or traveling the world, a poorly designed wheel won't be able to provide the traction and control you need to ride a properly designed bike.

The wheel is the central part of a mountain bike, that allows you to transform the bike from an upright machine into a bike that can be ridden in the snow, up steep slopes as well as on flat roads. As with all other bike components, the wheel is made from a different material for each type of bike, and features a different width, spoke design, and hub size.

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