How Much Does A Good Bike Cost?

How Much Does A Good Bike Cost?

How much does a good bike cost? That's a question we get asked all the time. And it's an important question, too. As you don't want to find yourself in the position of having to find more cash at the last minute. Simply because you underestimated how much a good bike costs. Now don't get me wrong. You can pick up a decent enough bike for a few hundred bucks. Especially if you're willing to consider the second hand market. However today I'm going to give you an overview of how much a good bike costs.

How much should a good bike cost?

A good bike can set you back a decent amount of money. And that's before you add it to your riding budget. For many people a decent road bike will set them back around $3,000. And that's not including cycling kit. But remember you don't have to buy all of this stuff when you buy a bike. This article isn't about buying cheap bikes. It's about buying a good bike that will last you a long time. No matter how serious your hobby gets. You won't need to upgrade the whole bike. Instead you may decide to upgrade parts in the future. Knowing that your foundations are strong and your bike is good enough for most situations a non-professional rider will face.

The different types of bikes available

There are a couple of different types of bikes that you can choose from. But these two are by far the most common. Those being the road bike and the mountain bike. Both being types of bikes that have proven to be so popular. There are of course many other types, of which we will cover as well. However if you're new to cycling, you're best going with a road bike or a mountain bike. Unless you have a very specific task in mind.

Mountain Bikes

Having already broken down what a good bike costs. I thought I would share some specifics around how much you need to budget for a mountain bike. A good mountain bike, suitable for off road use and strong enough to last for years. This is the requirements of a good mountain bike. With that in mind it's not unusual to spend $5,000 on a very good mountain bike. However most amateur riders are able to get by with a budget of around $2,000.

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Road Bikes

Now, this is a huge topic. The bare minimum you want to spend on a road bike that is built to last for years to come is $1,500. You can spend less, far less. However you will probably be looking to upgrade within a year or two. Rather than simply upgrading components. You'll find yourself choosing to buy a whole new bike. This is because none of the elements of a bike costing less than $1,500 will be of any serious quality.

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BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are niche and therefore only bought by those who need them for specific reasons. They are often bought for their suitability to tricks, jumps and general sturdiness. They can take a beating and go again. BMX bikes range in price however it's not uncommon to spend $1,000 on a decent model. Many riders will be able to half that price and still be happy with their purchase. However again, this isn't about what you can get for your money. It's about getting the right bike, for the right price.

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Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are still relatively new. Especially when compared to other bike types available on the market. That being said you can still pick up an electric bike for less than $500. But should you? The simple answer is no. A good electric bike costs as much as a good road or mountain bike, and then some. This is because they have all the current expenses of a standard bike. Then the expense of an electric motor and battery on top. With that in mind, you need to consider a budget of $3,000 for a good electric bike. One that you can rely on for years and isn't going to break down as often as the cheaper models.

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Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes, much like electric bikes will cost more than their road or mountain equivalents. The addition of an electric motor is the reason for this added expense. The benefit of being able to continue your journey even when your battery runs flat is why hybrid bikes are very popular. Even more so than full electric bikes, where you'd end up pushing your bike home if it ran out of juice. With this in mind you should set yourself a budget of around $3,000 for a good hybrid bike that you can rely on.

Folding Bikes

A folding bike is commonly purchases when the cyclist needs to utilize both cycling and public transport. Folding bikes are fantastic devices when you're getting on and off of trains and other transportation vehicles. Being able to fold your bike and put it in a car, taxi or train luggage spot is hugely appealing. Folding bikes can be purchase for as little as $300 however for a reliable one you're more likely to spend upwards of $1,200. Setting a modest budget of $1,500 is a good idea when shopping around for a reliable, structurally sound folding bike.

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