How Much Does It Cost To Get New Bike Tires?

How Much Does It Cost To Get New Bike Tires?

They say a good bike can last you a lifetime, but if you’re living in a city, your bike tires probably won’t last as long as your bike. The good news? Getting new tires isn’t as expensive as you might think. As with cars, your bike tires will eventually need to be replaced. There are a number of factors that will affect how much new bike tires cost, including the type of tires you buy and the location you buy them.

New Tires Make Riding Easier And Safer

Although you might not want to shell out a lot of cash, a bike tire is an important part of your ride. A modern bike has a lot of technology packed into it. You might not notice it on the bike, but modern tires are really good at what they do. If you ride on a road bike, you need to pay close attention to the exact tires you put on your bike. Choosing the wrong ones could mean unnecessary friction on the road. At the other end of the spectrum it could mean not enough grip to keep the bike under control. Once you start working with a specific bike, you can choose a tire that works best for you. With wider tires, your bike is able to have better traction on the road. However more rubber on the road means you'll be working harder to build up speed.

New Tires Don't Have To Be Too Expensive

The average replacement bike tire is about $25, but that depends on the size, and what kind of riding you do. For example, the average bike tire for road bikes is 23 millimeters. A high quality road bike tire will probably be less expensive than a tire for a mountain bike. Things like price, size, tread depth, and air pressure will determine the cost of a new tire.

Different Types Of Bike Tires

There are a few types of bike tires you can buy. Each of which has a different purpose and cost. Mainstream brand tires are what you see all over the place. Mainstream brands include the likes of Veloce, Schwalbe, and Maxxis. They’re popular because they’re cheap, and they have a great reputation, so you know you’re going to get a good product. But while there are cheaper options on the market, these brands generally offer the best bang for your buck. One-ply tire Tire manufacturers use a single ply of rubber to make a tire, which is why these are commonly referred to as “one-ply” tires. According to The Bike Anywhere, one-ply tires are generally not as durable as other options. But they are a good option if your budget and needs are flexible.

Different Tires For Different Weather Conditions

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sunny day with light winds or a rainy day with thunderstorms. You need a tire that can maintain grip on the road or dirt path. Most riders will choose an all weather option. So they don't need to swap tires depending on weather conditions. This is fine for the average rider. However if you're looking for at racing and semi-professional riding then specialized tires are a better idea.

Different Bike Tire Sizes

Different types of bikes have different tire sizes. For example, a road bike has a really narrow tire, while a mountain bike has a wide, chunky tire. Road and mountain bikes need different types of tires because they ride different styles of roads and trails. When buying tires for a road bike, you’ll want a tire that is relatively narrow. The kind of tire you want depends on the type of road you’re riding on. When you’re on gravel, dirt or entirely off-road, the wider your tire, the more grip you'll achieve. On gravel roads, the tire you want to buy has to be wider because you want to roll over bigger rocks without incident.

How Often Should You Change A Bike Tire?

Another question bike tires are often asked is “How often should you change a bike tire?” The short answer is you should pump it up every time it gets low on air. If it won't hold good pressure then it's time to buy a new tire. However, the most important indicator that you're in need of a new tire is when it’s dangerously low on tread. This may be once a year or once every two years, depending on your bike’s size, the type of tire and how often you ride.

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