Mountain Bike Brakes

Mountain Bike Brakes

Although brake levers have been in service since the dawn of the mountain bike. The brake technology of modern mountain bikes is still a fascinating subject to explore. Each company has its own take on how a mountain bike brake should work, and some designs are better than others.

Brakes can be a confusing topic, especially for the beginner mountain biker. There are so many different types of brakes, and each one seems to be designed for a specific terrain or riding style. Some opt for mechanical disc brake systems, while others prefer rim brakes, and many swear by hydraulic brakes.

The Main Types Of Mountain Bike Brakes

Mountain bikers have a variety of choices when it comes to brakes, from levers to disc brakes to cable pullers. Most of us like the simplicity and easy adjustability of levers, but if you're riding on nasty terrain, you may want something that has more stopping power.

Though there are many different types of brakes, all of them work by slowing or stopping the bike with the application of force either through friction and pressure. Choose the right braking system to match the intensity of your riding style and location.

Disc Brakes

When it comes to disc brakes, there are a host of choices, from the proven two-piston calipers of the Shimano XT series to the more modern four-piston system found on the hydraulic disc brake systems of the latest Avid BB7 series.

The two main types of braking are disc brakes and rim brakes. Mountain bike brakes are more than just a mechanism used to slow a bike down. The purpose of a solid brake is to allow you to come to a complete stop quickly and safely. Disc brakes are the more popular brake type because they offer better braking power. As well as being more durable. Wheel rim brakes require a different skill set and are not as effective. But they are still an option worth considering as they are often far cheaper. Therefore more prominent on affordable mountain bike models.

Cantilever Brakes

Most mountain bikers are familiar with cantilever brakes, but there are many other variations of mountain bike brakes. These include the popular rim brake, linear pull brake and the V-brake. The latter being similar to cantilever brakes. But are mounted on the fork and are generally used on downhill bikes. As well as those that are designed to be race-oriented.

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