What Is The Average Speed Of An Electric Hybrid Bicycle?

What Is The Average Speed Of An Electric Hybrid Bicycle?

It is widely known that electric bikes are easy to ride. As well as a pleasant way to spend a few hours on the weekend. Electric bikes can help an inexperienced rider travel farther and faster than on a traditional bike. The average speed of an electric hybrid bicycle depends on a number of factors. We will discuss how you can maximize your speed on an electric hybrid bike.

Factors That Effect A Hybrid Bikes Average Speed

Average speed is influenced by a number of factors. Here are the most important factors to consider when deciding how fast you can pedal an electric hybrid bike. Electric bikes have batteries and thus, there will be a time delay until you are able to pedal. This might be different for every model of electric hybrid bikes. You should refer to the owner’s manual to find out what your electric hybrid bike can and cannot do. If you own a more expensive electric hybrid bike, it may be possible to recharge the battery as you ride.

Hybrid Bikes Battery Capacity

The battery size is usually a good indicator to the average speed of an electric hybrid bike. If the battery size of an electric hybrid bike is larger. It will usually mean the bike is equipped with a more powerful motor. It's not an exact science as some hybrid bikes are designed to travel long distances on a single charge. However you're unlikely to find a powerful motor on a bike equipped with a small capacity battery.

The Rider

The weight of the rider will be a large factor in the speed you can achieve. The heavier the rider, the more effort is needed for the electric motor to get up to speed. A lighter rider will have the ability to move at a faster pace as acceleration is easier. You should ideally weigh somewhere between 70-90 lbs. The battery can also be another significant factor to consider. The lightest hybrid battery typically weighs around 6.8 pounds. The heaviest hybrid battery weighs 17 pounds. Simply put, the lighter the bike the faster you can accelerate. Being able to get up to speed faster means your average speed will be higher overall.


A key factor in the effectiveness of a hybrid electric bike is the fitness of the rider. Hybrid bikes, unlike full electric models, still require some assistance from the rider. Usually hybrid bikes will offer a pedal assist mode. This means that the electric motor will give the rider some help when climbing hills. Making pedalling a more consistent task, rather than harder uphill. This means that the rider still needs to have some level of fitness in order to maintain momentum. Hybrid bikes are very popular with beginner cyclists as they offer a less physically draining ride. Especially when compared to standard bicycles.

Hybrid Bike Types

A regular bike has a front wheel and a rear hub, with the rear wheel carrying the load. In contrast, an electric hybrid bicycle has a hub with two different wheels for propulsion. In most cases, two bicycle gears will be used to power the rear wheel for maximum efficiency. The front wheel will have two rotating hubs, one powering the rear wheel and the other powering the front wheel. The front wheel will allow you to cruise faster with more effective power, although this is a rare combination.

Hybrid bikes usually offer 3 different riding modes. Full manual is the equivalent to riding a standard road bike. The rider will pedal to gain speed and the electric motor will do nothing to help. The second mode is a half way solution known as pedal assist. Where the rider is assisted with achieving motion. The electric motor will assist the rider while they pedal. The third mode is know as full electric. This is where the rider simply chooses to engage the electric motor at will. While engaged the bike will pick up speed. When disengaged the bike will cruise, slowly losing speed. The rider is able to navigate without any physical assertion on their part.

Pedal Assist vs Full Electric

A bicycle equipped with a pedal assist motor provides assistance to the rider and can assist in forward motion. Pedal assist bicycles are capable of reaching top speeds of 15 to 25 mph. While full electric bicycles are capable of speeds up to 30 mph. Electric hybrid bicycles have pedal assist motor modes. Capable of assisting the rider while the rest of the bike remains in a full electric mode. As a result, you can ride as fast as you can pedal. The motor provides you with assistance to make the ride more comfortable.


In order to determine the speed of an electric hybrid bike you need to factor in certain elements. Factors such as hills, flat or downhill, changes in speed with terrain and sudden changes in speed. When you include these changes in speed with terrain. The average speed of an electric hybrid bike is typically around the 15 mph mark. You should expect to go faster than this if the terrain or roads have been flat or downhill. Most people ride much slower, depending on how heavy their bicycles are.

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