Why Cannondale Is A Great Bike Brand

Why Cannondale Is A Great Bike Brand

The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is based in Connecticut and was established in 1971 by Joe Montgomery and Tom Ritchey. It’s a bicycle manufacturing company that produces a wide range of high-end bicycles. The most notable products of Cannondale are the Synapse and the SuperSix. The Cannondale brand is popular with both amateur and professional cyclists. The company is also known for manufacturing carbon fiber bicycles. It was the first company to produce a carbon fiber bicycle frame in the early 90. Nowadays, they're known for their excellent range of bikes, which combine the best of both worlds.

Is Cannondale A Good Bike Brand?

Competition in the bike manufacturing industry is intense. Companies must constantly release new products in order to keep their consumers interested. That's why you can often see their older models come back in newer form as a brand new model. Cannondale has also become known for their exclusive and distinctive models. They're a boutique brand, so you won't find the same models available at your local big-box retailer. The bikes offered in Cannondale stores are high-quality and will last for a long time. But the question is, is Cannondale a good bike brand? The answer is yes. The company stands behind their products. Customers can count on having the best service and support when they purchase a bike.

The Reputation Of Cannondale

Cannondale has a strong reputation among the cycling community. It’s considered a legend among road cyclists because they were one of the first companies to produce a carbon fiber bicycle frame. Which is significantly lighter and stronger than the traditional steel frame. Carbon fiber composites have the ability to absorb and redirect a lot of the impact. Which means that a bike built using carbon fiber frames are also much lighter. Another benefit of building a carbon fiber bike is that the frame can be very aerodynamic.

The Target Market

The company’s most popular product is the Synapse. This sporty and lightweight bicycle comes with Cannondale’s own carbon fiber frameset, and it’s available in three different sizes. The Synapse is especially popular among racers, because it comes with features such as disc brakes and power meters. Because it’s such a high quality bike, it’s also popular with cyclists who want a high-performance bike, but do not necessarily need a specific race or road bike. The Synapse is a great choice for those who don’t have a large budget for a high-performance bike. The most notable characteristic of the Cannondale brand is the carbon fiber technology.

Are Cannondale Bikes Well Made?

Over the years, Cannondale has proven to be very good at producing bikes that are durable and well-made. Its bikes stand apart from those of other brands. Particularly on the technical front, where its competitors tend to err on the side of convenience. The carbon fiber bikes are known for their superb performance, on road and rougher terrain. The carbon fiber technology of these bicycles has given them superior durability. Which means they’re usually suitable for harsh road conditions. With or without weather protection. Cannondale’s success can be attributed to its focus on quality, reliability and performance.

Bikes For Beginners

Cannondale does indeed make bicycles suitable for beginner riders. The only problem with most beginner bikes is that they’re rather expensive. Most models are built to handle a range of different road surfaces. There’s also an XC race model for shorter, middle-weight riders, and a 12-speed racing bike for the racers. Other manufacturers make bikes suited for beginner riders.

Bikes For Professionals

Yes! Cannondale sells a range of both road bikes and off-road bikes for both casual riders and professional cyclists. If you're considering getting a road bike, then the disc brake models is some of the best on the market. The most notable model from Cannondale is the SixCx. The Cannondale Synapse disc brake model is also a fantastic choice. The Cannondale SuperSix Disc comes in two frame models. With the two-speed models being less common. If you want to get a top-of-the-line road bike, then the Cannondale SuperSix is your best option.

Mountain Bikes

What's great about Cannondale? The brand started with the Synapse, which was known for having one of the best suspension fork in the market. Even though the carbon fiber technology was introduced to the mainstream at that time. The company did not hold back on the technologies they introduced. This allowed them to remain competitive in the market. But the brand has a long history and has seen many different bikes in the past. The Cannondale Synapse was replaced by the SuperSix Evo, which was the best bike at that time. Nowadays, they’ve become more affordable and offer a lot of cool features to both amateur and professional cyclists. They also offer some really cool frames and components in their complete range. Including disc brakes and the awesome Meridians mountain bike.

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Road Bikes

Most of the bicycle models released by Cannondale don't have a fancy paint job or extra luxuries. Yet they still possess amazing design and a high level of performance. The company has released several models in different lineups. They're all great bikes for any type of cyclist, whether they're just taking it easy. Or they're looking for top-notch performance. Some of the models that are considered to be the best include the Tarmac and Dune. Which have a fixed geometry and a light weight. With a great design and highly competitive performance, the Cannondale bikes are worth trying.

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