Why Do Some Bike Saddles Have Holes In The Middle?

Why Do Some Bike Saddles Have Holes In The Middle?

This may seem like a silly question, but you may be surprised to learn that the hole in a bike seat actually serves several purposes. Most significantly, the hole allows air to move from the front to the back of your bike seat. This helps to keep you cool as you ride, preventing your bottom from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. It also allows your pelvis to move naturally while you're pedaling, causing your body to use a lot less energy. This, in turn, improves your endurance. It also reduces the amount of pressure on the riders buttocks and sensitive areas, prevent discomfort and numbness.

Why Do Bike Seats Have Holes In Them?

So why do some seats have holes in the middle? To be completely honest, there's a bit of a controversy over why the hole exists in some bike seats. This is particularly common in racing bike seats. As you might imagine, most cycling experts would tell you that the large gap in the middle of a seat is for airflow. The space that allows the air to pass through the entire front portion of the seat. With the air in the middle, the rider's body gets a little bit of a cooling effect. This helps to prevent uncomfortable, sweaty feeling during and after long rides. Another reason is to avoid unnecessary pressure on the riders sensitive parts. Avoiding numbness and discomfort on long journeys.

Preventing Discomfort While Riding

If you suffer from low back pain, pelvic pain or other types of discomfort while riding. You'll find that changing the type of bike seat you use can be the best investment you can make. Improving your overall comfort. Some bike seats, for example, feature soft rubber bottoms, helping to protect you from harm as you pedal. There are some bike saddles on the market that are tough to move, or simply hard to adjust. They're often very uncomfortable to ride in, or don't match your bike's frame. Choosing a saddle that suits your riding style is important.

The Implications Of Using A Poor Bike Saddle

If you choose the wrong bike seat, you can experience some pretty nasty side effects. Pain in the lower torso is common when you choose a bike saddle that isn't comfortable for you to sit on. Pelvic discomfort and numbness in more delicate regions are also very common. These pains are temporary and when you get off the bike they begin to relinquish. However long term effects of extreme pressure on certain areas of the body are cause for concern. It's paramount that you get the support of your bike seat right. Especially if you're riding often and for long periods of time.

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