Best City Bikes Under $200 (June 2024)

A city bike is a bike that works well in a city setting. It is designed to be ridden on pavements and cycle paths. It is fast enough for short trips around town, and comfortable enough for longer rides. You can go shopping or take it to work. City bikes are typically heavier than road bikes and bikes meant for racing or recreation. They are also often equipped with front and rear lights and fenders to allow them to be ridden in inclement weather. Finding a good one for under $200 is tough. We've worked hard and come up with a few hidden gems in the budget category.

What is a city bike?

Cities are places with heavy traffic. It is in these traffic congested spots that most bike accidents occur. It isn't ideal riding a road bike designed to cover long distances with ease in congested cities. Instead you'd be better served by a bike that is meant for urban use. A city bike is designed to be rideable and comfortable in heavy traffic. They're typically medium-sized and have basket or rear storage rack. As well as lights on the front and back.

If you’re looking for a city bike you should start by looking for one that is not too heavy. A bike that is too heavy will be hard to maneuver and is probably not a great fit for the job. You should also consider having the bike equipped with a rear light and front light, especially if you plan on taking it on city commutes. As sometimes you'll be riding when it's dark.

What to look for when buying a city bike

Unlike a road bike that is designed for going fast and having an easy time on clear, paved streets. A city bike is designed to fit into the city and has fenders and lights. Some have a front or a back rack. Some are geared up to go fast, while others are geared down so that they are much easier to ride. Most city bikes are intended for commuting, but many can be used for recreational cycling. The biggest selling point is that you'll get a reliable ride for less than the cost of a high-end road bike.

The Different Types Of City Bikes

A popular city bike is known as a touring bike. Touring bikes are front suspension bikes that is similar to mountain bikes. They have a front fork that pivots on a small roller, so the front tire can remain balanced when going up or down a small grade. Touring bikes have fat tires to roll over just about anything. In addition to touring bikes we see some other quite common city bikes.

Folding City Bikes

Most people believe you need to spend a lot of money on a bike that can fold into a package small enough to take on the subway or take home with you on the bus. A better bet, if you want a folding city bike, is to look for one that has at least one or two gears. The gears let you travel at speeds up to 20mph, so it’s faster than most city bikes, and it has more comfortable grips. There are also less expensive models that have flat tires and rattly components. Those are mostly found on Amazon or Craigslist. Learn how to ride a bike: Walnut and Steel Folding Electric Bikes If you want a lighter folding bike that you can take home with you on the subway, you might like a bicycle. That's because the biggest issue with urban cycling is balance.

Hybrid City Bikes

With the versatility of hybrids comes a higher price. Hybrid bikes are usually much more than just $200. Many have a little less weight and higher maximum speed than the average city bike. Hybrids, meet all the specifications required to be a superb city bike and then some. Many are lighter than out and out city bikes. However finding one for a modest budget will be nearly impossible. We'll probably have to avoid hybrid city bikes if we want to meet the budget on this particular article. However never say never.

Why choose a city bike?

City bikes are good all-around bikes that can be used for many kinds of cycling. With a city bike, you can go from point A to point B quickly and comfortably. All city bikes are not created equal, however. It's important to consider the options and features that are important to you before you start shopping. Generally, a city bike will have much more traction than a road bike. A city bike can turn corners much faster than most road bikes and be better suited for windy days. City bikes are often equipped with a front disc brake and a rear drum brake. Depending on your needs and capabilities, you may want a road bike or a city bike.

The benefits of riding a city bike

The benefits of riding a city bike are many. City bikes allow the rider to sit more upright than modern day road bikes. A more relaxed seating position is great for those who don't feel comfortable riding a road bike. They're very versatile, so you can ride in the city or in the countryside.


Buying the right city bike is harder than it may seem. You have to choose the right style, make, model, and type of tire. Not forgetting the right type of frame for your body type. But that's what makes it fun! Compare some of our recommended models. Use our reviews to find out what type of bike is best for you. We hope this guide has given you an idea of the options in the budget category, and that you've learned a thing or two about choosing the right bike for you. Happy biking!

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