BEIOU Carbon 700C Road Bike

BEIOU Carbon 700C Road Bike Buyers Guide Review (May 2024)

  • ✔ Comfortable Seating Position
  • ✔ Impressive Racing Design
  • ✔ High Quality Brakes & Tires
  • ✔ Easy To Lift & Store
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The BEIOU Carbon 700C Road Bike is a carefully crafted masterpiece. Its glossy red design makes it stand out. The BEIOU Carbon Comfortable 700C Road Bike uses a high quality carbon fiber uni-body frame of size 480mm/500mm/520mm. This frame is arched in different areas, which matches the look of this bike. The frame has a touch of red and white branding in several areas. The bike weighs about 8.5kg and is one of the lightest road bikes you can find. With such a lightweight road bike, you can be sure that when going up hills it will not add any extra weight as it ensures a ride that is energy efficient.
The saddle provided is an ultra thin leather saddle, its comfortable seatpost is adjustable to allow the rider to find the best position for them. Overall, the body of this bike is phenomenal and really shows what you can get in terms of quality components and materials used when you are ready to part with the money.
The remote handlebars of the BEIOU Carbon Comfortable are made of aluminum and have external cable routing.

The brakes on the BEIOU Carbon Comfortable 700C Road Bike are very efficient and the rider can always count on them. By combining high-quality tires on the bike, the bike quickly comes to a standstill. The brake type is road bike clip brake. The brake pads need to be maintained regularly to make sure they are in good condition. If properly configured and centred, they should last long if you avoid excessive braking.

This bike comes with some really nice tires. The manufacturers of BEIOU Carbon Comfortable decided to avoid the usual pattern, to supply sufficiently good tires and to modernize the owner, if they wish. Instead, they bring the Kenda 700*23C 60TPI as standard with the BEIOU Carbon Comfortable 700C Road Bike. The traction on these tires is great. They are designed to give a good grip to avoid unnecessary drag because this is a lightweight road bike. They achieve this goal well enough and respond well to cornering and braking without the driver having to work harder on levels or hills.

The saddle of the BEIOU Carbon Comfortable 700C Road Bike and lowered handlebars give the rider a very comfortable position, especially as both can be adjusted to suit the rider. Road bikes are not known for comfort due to the lack of suspension, but with these high-quality sports tires, saddle and handlebars, they have done well and have achieved good ride comfort, especially on smooth surfaces. The easy gear changes also help to avoid unnecessary shocks when changing gears, which in turn increases the biker’s riding experience.

This bike is a favourite pick any day. It is available in glossy white red/white orange/white blue/white gold. It usually takes 7-10 business days for delivery to UK continental addresses. We think it’s a winner, but what is your opinion?

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