eAhora AM100 27.5″ Mountain Electric Bike (October 2020)

eAhora AM100 27.5

eAhora AM100 27.5" Mountain Electric Bike

  • ✔ Aluminum Mountain Bike Frame
  • ✔ E-PAS 'Self Recharge System' - Charge The Battery While Pedalling
  • ✔ 9-Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ High Performance Full Suspension Shock Absorbing Setup
The self charging battery feature is a game changes. Pedal assistance now goes both ways.
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  • Type: Electric Hybrid Bicycle, Frame: Artificial Mechanics Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Wheels/Tires: 27.5” F/R air-filled, Max. Load: 330 lbs, Product Weight: 52lbs
  • Motor: 350W Brushless Motor, Brake: F/L Hydraulic Brakes
  • Suspension: Full suspension, Lock out Front Suspension Fork & rear suspension for smooth riding
  • Flywheel: Shimano 9-speed Freewheel With Derailleur Guard, Display: LED Waterproof Intelligent Display
  • Battery:48V / 10.4AH Samsung Lithium Battery Cells with USB Port, Charging Time: 5-6 hours
  • Headlight: 5W Bright Front Light, Tail light: Reflector
  • Maximum speed:28-30MPH (PAS mode) & 26-28MPH (Electric Mode), Mileage:45-55mi(Electric) / 60-80mi(PAS)

Eahora AM100 Mountain Electric Bike is not only an excellent professional mountain bike, it is also equipped with a powerful motor, Shimano 9-speed shifter system, full-aluminum PROWHEEL crank set and positioning chain, making the overall transmission system smooth and durable. Lockable and adjustable suspension front forks convert all the power into forward power during climbing or riding on level roads. Whether it’s off-road hills, jungle trails or city roads, snow and beaches. It’s also built to let you push your limits: Go ahead and venture off the beaten path. It’s your ride to ultimate freedom.

Eahora’s Patented E-PAS regenerative electrical motor drastically improves range by re-charging the battery while traveling downhill, gliding, etc.  All the while the 350 Watt high-speed brushless motor can produce speeds up to 22 MPH in just 10 seconds.

A good battery is vital to the electric bike, our Samsung cell battery to ensure the long life and high safety. Removable, hidden in the frame and easy to install. 2-Year Warranty for the battery.  AM100  will help you to reach 40-60 miles range per charge.

Equipped with full suspension with the 4-Link frame on the bikes. Besides that, we also implement the hydraulic brakes system, safe for everyone to ride.

Whether you’re on a desert, forest, muddy terrain, or on the streets, fear not! We have a solid and durable 27.5 wheel that would transport you through all sorts of terrains.

What Is The Onboard E-PAS System All About?

It’s quite simple really. While riding faster, over 15 mph the energy regeneration tech automatically charges the battery with approximately 20% of the energy created. The intelligent sensor engage the E.pas system to regenerate 60% energy when you’re going down hill. Both aspects are designed to help keep the electric motor available to you throughout your ride.


The eAhora AM100 is approaching e-biking from a new angle, at least within this price range. Being able to charge the battery while riding means you’re less likely to run out and have to pedal all the way home. It also means that the batteries lifespan could be extended as lithium batteries that are allowed to fully deplete can sometimes suffer longevity issues. If you have your eye on this reasonably well reviewed electric mountain bike, we think you should give it some serious consideration.