Livall O2 Series 9S Smart Carbon Road Bike

Livall O2 Series 9S Smart Carbon Road Bike (June 2024)

  • ✔ Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame
  • ✔ Includes 3 Smart Devices
  • ✔ Front And Rear Partial Fenders
  • ✔ 99% Assembled
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  • Weight: 23.1lbs (10.5kg)
  • Frameset: ZGL Carbon Frame - FULL CARBON CRB33
  • Fork: ZGL Carbon Fork - FULL CARBON CRF33
  • Seatpost: ZGL Carbon Seatpost - FULL CARBON CSP01
  • Handlebars: ZGL Carbon Handlebars - FULL CARBON CHB03
  • Smart Devices: Bling Jet (remote control), Nano Cadence Sensor, Phone Holder/Recharger
  • Brakes: Tektro Auriga, Hydraulic Disc
  • Saddle: JUSTEK 2074HRN
  • Livall O2 Series are 99% assembled upon factory delivery. Assembly is complete with just one step
  • Small size frame best suited for riders with heights from 5'3" to 5'7"
  • Includes three smart devices: Livall Bling Jet (BJ100), Livall Nano Cadence Sensor (P1), Livall Phone Holder and Charger (S2)
  • The 1-1/8'' to 1.5 inch tapered head tube improves lateral stiffness by balancing the head height and lateral rigidity
  • Front chain wheel is configured with a protective hood. Reserved port for mounting fender

Performance, Eye-catching Style, and Safety
The S9 Smart Bike is designed with performance-oriented riders in mind:

• Equipped with a Carbon Fiber Frameset and CHAOYANG Performance Tires, the S9 bike is lighter and faster for you
• Livall Phone Charger/Holder allows you to safely mount your smart phone and view the Livall app with ease, so you can track and maximize your performance

• Nano Cadence Sensor allows you to keep track of your RPM, speed, and distance traveled
• Our Bluetooth helmets (not included) and the powerful Bling Jet controller (not included) expand your riding experience by allowing you to take incoming calls, flash traffic indicators and maximize your bicycling performance.
• The blue-on-black color scheme will have you embrace the inner cool, that people will see and you shall feel

Whether you're riding with your social group on a trail, grinding out a training session with the team, or enjoying a quiet ride in the city, the S9 bicycle will deliver performance, comfort, and safety.

At Livall, we want to create something different, innovative and useful, and to help people live a better life all together.
LIVALL is not just our product's brand name, it's also our team's spirit.


This bike is a little different from our usual road bike recommendations, however you should consider it if you're looking for a carbon fiber frame on a tight budget. They're few and far between so give this little beauty a chance.

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