BEIOU 700C 105 Road Bike

BEIOU 700C 105 Road Bike Buyers Guide Review (June 2024)

  • ✔ Beautiful Design
  • ✔ Top Quality Components
  • ✔ Comfortable Handlebar
  • ✔ Lightweight Frame
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The BEIOU 700C 105 Road Bike is an amazing bike that looks like a master piece. It has a Matte Black & Orange design that looks very superb. In terms of first impressions, this bike meets all requirements.

The BEIOU 700C Road Shimano 105 Bike has a BEIOU Carbon Fiber uni-body ultra-light frame body. It also has a BEIOU Carbon Uni-body Wind-breaking Ultra-light Seatpost. This frame is arched in different areas, which matches the look of the age of this bike. The frame is a combination of matte black and red colors. The bike has a weight 8.3 kg and is one of the lightest in the market today. With such a lightweight road bike, you can be sure that you will not take any extra weight when going up hills and it ensures an energy-efficient ride. The frame is not the only part of the bike made of carbon, the fork and the seat post are made of carbon fiber and this shows that the bike was designed for minimal weight. The handlebars of the BEIOU 700C Road Shimano 105 Bike are made of carbon.
This gives the rider full control over the transmission mechanism and allows a smooth transition between gears.

The brakes on the BEIOU 700C Road Shimano 105 Bike are very efficient and the rider can always count on them. By combining high-quality tires on the bike, the bike quickly comes to a standstill. The brakes are SHIMANO 105 5800 C-Brake, which are a side-pull version of cantilever brakes. You need to maintain the brake pads to make sure they are in good condition. If properly configured and centred, they should last long if you avoid excessive braking.

This bike comes with some really nice tires. The manufacturers of BEIOU 700C Road Shimano 105 Bike decided not to use the usual tires. Instead, they installed the Kenda 700C*23mm 60TPI as standard with the BEIOU 700C Road Shimano 105 Bike. The traction on these tires is great; they are designed to provide a good grip on the road surface, but avoid unnecessary drag, because it is a lightweight road bike after all. They achieve this goal well and it responds well to cornering and braking without the driver having to work harder on level surfaces or hills.

The saddle of the BEIOU 700C Road Shimano 105 Bike and lowered handlebars give the rider a very comfortable position, especially if both can be individually adjusted. Road bikes aren’t known for comfort due to the lack of suspension, but with these high-quality sports tires, saddle and handlebars, they have done well and have achieved good ride comfort, especially on smooth surfaces. The fluid gear changes also help to avoid unnecessary shocks when shifting, which in turn increases the driver’s driving experience on the bike again.

The bike has the features of Ultra-light 18.3lbs, Wind Breaking Design, Internal Cable Routing, and can be delivered within 7-10 business days.
It is available in Matte black and red colours. It is a bike of your dreams which everyone would love to have and therefore a great option for this list.

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