Origami Gazelle Folding Bike Buyers Review (October 2020)

Origami Gazelle Folding Bike

Origami Gazelle Folding Bike

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • ✔ 7 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ Shimano Thumb Shifters
  • ✔ Front And Rear Disc Brakes With Forged Aluminum Calipers
The Origami Gazelle has a great finish, it's disc brakes are properly adjusted out of the box. The frame is robust and comes with a carry bag for when you fold the bike away.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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The Origami Gazelle is not just beautiful to behold. It is tough, versatile, compact and capable. The flowing lines of the frame provide strength as well as beauty. The 7-speed Shimano gear set allows you to tackle hills or just go for speed knowing that the powerful disc brakes will bring you to a stop.

ith 1.75 thick tires, the Gazelle supplies commuters with a cushy ride for rough city streets or dirt road adventures. Ride it to London, or tour through the tea fields of Asia. It is always willing to take on the next endeavor. Made with quality 6061 aluminum, and equipped with a 7-speed drivetrain, the Gazelle is no pushover for the price. It’s lightweight and wide gearing make it possible for the rider to speed through city traffic, climb hills or out-bike the competition. The rear rack supplies the rider with ample cargo carrying capacity, while the fenders provide it’s rider with protection from the elements. Its ergonomic grips and saddle keep your hands and body feeling good for long rides.

The combination of disc brakes, rear pannier rack, kickstand and fenders is mouthwatering for this price. Check it out!