Rocker BMX iROK+ Funk Mini BMX

Rocker BMX iROK+ Funk Mini BMX Buyers Review (July 2024)

  • ✔ To Say It's Colourful Is An Understatement
  • ✔ Ridden by One Of The Top BMX Riders In The World Harry Main
  • ✔ Plastic BMX Pedals With Matching Kraton Rubber Grips
  • ✔ Remember, No Brakes On These Mini Rocker BMX Bikes
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Quite a funky design on the Rocker BMX iROK+ Funk Mini BMX. It’s one that has split opinions and might not be as traditionally aesthetically pleasing as others. Love the bright yellow handlebars though!

The Funk Rocker IROK is a great example of the Rocker BMX series. It’s designed to take a beating and come out the other end still intact. This bike is adult proof and features many quality components built for high adrenaline fun. This bike is sold for off-road use. It is specifically designed for off-road racing.

The body of this Rocker BMX iROK+ Funk Mini BMX bike is very eye catching shape. It has a solid, bulky steel frame however is quite light weight, weighing in at only 9.5 kilograms. The Funk IROK Mini BMX has a front load stem with forged face plate & comes with plastic pedals. The pedals are a good size as the bike, despite its size is designed for adults. The bike comes with a padded seat that able to be adjusted easily to allow you to provide your optimal riding position. The styling of this Mini BMX is interesting. The handle bars are bright yellow, leading down to a white frame. The frame then flows through black and red before the base of the frame is primarily blue. The blue theme continues into the light blue wheels and teal tyres.

Brakes is an easy topic to cover with the Funk IROK Mini BMX because it has none. This is sold as an off road bike and is not to be used on any public roads or highways.

The Funk IROK Mini BMX comes with Street Pro Style Rocker BMX Tyres. These are Rocker BMX’s higher quality tyre and are able to be pumped up to a higher pressure. This helps to avoid bumps or dents appearing in the tyres. It appears that as these tyres are coloured then the upgrade is offered for free. The previously reviewed Green Monster and Metal models both came with basic tyres however both models only had black tyres.

The best world to describe the Rocker BMX iROK+ Funk Mini BMX ride is ‘smooth’, even smoother than most due to the stronger tyres. The small wheels spin effortlessly and the lack of suspension would lead you to believe this bike would be rough and uncomfortable and in some cases you’re right. If you’re doing tricks off of a ramp and come in for a hard landing you’re going to feel it but that’s part of this bikes deal.

If you’re looking to make an entrance into the vast world of Mini BMX riding then this is bike will have everyone looking. The Funk IROK Mini Rocker BMX isn’t going to break the bank but it will give you hours of fun. When you feel like upgrading, pretty much every part of the bike can be swapped out and something better, or simply more colourful (if thats even possible) can be swapped in. You can really stamp your persona onto your Mini BMX and have a whole load of fun riding it too.

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