State Bicycle Fixed Gear Speed Bike

State Bicycle Fixed Gear Speed Bike Buyers Review (May 2024)

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    Not many road bikes come in bright yellow. However the State Bicycle fixed gear speed bike certainly does. This bike is a celebration of colour and you can’t help but smile at its simplistic yet charming design.

    The State Bicycle fixed gear speed bike has a sturdy 22″ steel frame and a flip-flop rear hub allowing the rider to ride on a fixed gear or a single-speed. The bike has and adjustable yellow and black saddle that matches the frame of the bike in terms of colour. The bikes frame is bright yellow, it’s handlebars, saddle mount and pedal system all in black. Although the bike doesn’t take a conventional approach in it’s colour scheme it’s easy to see it’s charm and character. The bike comes with black plastic pedals as standard. It’s worth mentioning that the bike is available in a less flamboyant colour scheme where the frame of the bike is primarily white, however even with this design the adjustable saddle is bright green so you still get some burst of colour with this variety as well. The bike weighs in at 14kgs and therefore is in contention with most road bikes despite being made of steel rather than the more common alloy material used in road bikes.

    State Bicycle have added brakes to this model of their bike to allow it to meet safety regulations for road use. They have attached V brakes at the front and rear of the bike and these seem to be sufficient to provide the response and braking power needed to stop the bike safely and quickly.

    The first thing to point out about the tyres on the State Bicycle fixed gear speed bike is their colour. Blue, a rare choice of colour when it comes to road bike tyres. These Wanda 700c x 25c tyres are an interesting combo to the bright yellow wheel rims and frame of the bike.

    The bike is amazingly comfortable to ride. This bike is a head turner so expect plenty of looks, after all it is bright yellow with blue tyres. The bike’s seat is also surprisingly comfortable and the combination of the bikes components result in a smooth ride. This bike could easily be used for long journeys and there is very little chance of other road users not seeing you.

    A beautifully individual bike, very different to the usual road bikes seen on the market. The combination of simple design and bright colours is unique and a great show of creativity by State Bicycle. The only thing better than the bikes look and feel is the price.

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