Redline Bikes Recon 20″ BMX Bike Review (January 2021)

Redline Bikes Recon 20

Redline Bikes Recon 20" BMX Bike

  • ✔ Hi-Tensile Steel Frame & Handlebars
  • ✔ Monster Padded Saddle
  • ✔ 25/9 Micro Gearing System
  • ✖ Poorly Reviewed Tires
A middle of the park, good value BMX bike. It might not have much of a standout style going on but it's pretty solid and rides well.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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The Redline Recon is a freestyle BMX bike that is ready to hit the skate park, pump track, and trails. Micro gearing, big-box bars, Monster padded saddle, sealed mid-BB and rear cassette hub make this a greet choice for the intermediate rider.

The one-piece Monster padded saddle and seat post combination make this bike super light and Big Box tall rise handlebars assist with front-end lift off (making the bike easier to wheelie). The Recon also features higher end cranks and a smoother rolling, longer lasting fully sealed rear hub.

Maybe switch out the tires when you get a chance. They appear to be a little naff.  Overall the Redline Recon is another good value BMX bike. Offering a low cost upgrade to those who are riding entry models.